#selflove 6/09/15

Screenshot_2015-06-03-12-02-36-1They say (experts, analysts, researchers) that cluster B personality disorders (controlling, abusive,  manipulative) don’t question themselves. They don’t consider the problem as being theirs, they always blame someone else.

“I have nothing to apologize for”…well do you? Truth is everything happens for a reason, when you intentionally go after someone with malice, vengeance,  and deceit – you absolutely have plenty to apologize for.

Truth be told, in the greater scheme of things your integrity is much more valuable that being right. So why put it in jeopardy? You work hard and don’t get ahead, ask yourself why. When the common denominator is you, the issue is you. But not everyone has a reflective attitude in which they can look themselves in the mirror and see their negatives and positives. They only see what they did right and have very little or no explanation for what has gone wrong.

Would the reality of their faults or yours be to overwhelming? Isn’t an ignorant reality more dangerous?  Hurtful? Stagnant?

The mirror is your worst enemy, glass and reflective metallics give you the raw view of what you look like – inside and out. From that first look at yourself in the morning to that moment you catch a glimpse of yourself after a moral failing. The mirror is unforgiving.

If you can look into your own eyes and are honest, there is a fraction of that glass that shows you where you when wrong. It isn’t there for you to justify your actions, it is there to confront you with them. Where you malicious?  Did you act in spite or spur of the moment? Did you plan and provoke with the intention of hurting?  Then you aren’t quite able to look at yourself in the mirror for very long. It is time to address that part of you.

Addressing your adversary,  means addressing the one in you. First. #selflove

One thought on “#selflove 6/09/15

  1. Excellently put.

    I’ll have a talk with the man in the mirror sometime soon in retrospective of things that have passed.

    Thank you for having written this.

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