#selflove Thursday 6/18/15



There is nothing wrong with love, in itself it may be the purest, most corruptible thing in this world. It all depends on how you use it. We can love each other, by acts, expressions, gestures, and words. Why is it so wrong to love yourself? To show yourself respect? To expect the same from those around you?

As women, we are taught that it is an act of selfishness to love with condition, to expect to be valued and respected as a person. We are taught that the “matriarch” suffers incessantly and places her needs and wants second to everyone around her. For being such a good girl – she is regarded, not treated, as worthy.

No. If I write anything, ever, it is that placing yourself first it that only way that you are truly able to help anyone. You are of value because you have invested in yourself, you have something to give because the person receiving is worthy of getting something from you. Sounds difficult? It is, for both involved are not used to their place in the equation. Learn it, get used to it. You deserve to go through life being appreciated and accepting nothing but the best to those your give the best to.

#ShashaSelflove is about allowing yourself to accept yourself with all of your imperfections, not to be excused, that are to be your conquered challenges. This blog is about celebrating how life can be completely wrong and we still get things right. This blog is about showing yourself love through not giving up, not letting go, investing in yourself, and smiling in the mirror – regardless. Self love is about not allowing anyone to walk all over you, but helping you better identify people who will walk alongside you. It is keeping it real and real positive. This isn’t going to be easy, but truly showing love never is.

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