#selflove Tuesday 6/23/15 Hope…


Hope. The other four letter word. The amazing thing about hope is that it gets us through our darkest moments, it pulls us further into the black hole of despair and it helps us envision the future. How can something you can only imagine have such an influence on every facet of your being?

Crawling out of the darkness takes tenacity, don’t be discouraged, just know that whatever it is that you are going to get out of will put you to the test. Leaving a toxic relationship takes that first step, to know that you deserve better. You don’t have to move an inch, you close your eyes every night – knowing “I can do better than this”, whether that toxicity is coming from work, “friends”, living situation or a paramour you are right, you can and should. Do better.

That first thought is the seed of strength, that seed will bear the fruit of determination and eventually you will get to where you are supposed to be – a better place.

Don’t let fear control your path, don’t let hope cloud your judgement. Just because you attach wings to your shirt doesn’t mean you can fly. Be realistic, be positive, and now that this seed has been planted, water it with wisdom and sense.

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