#selflove Friday 6/26/15

by Snoron.com

Time is a precious commodity, something you can’t regain, you cannot go back in time and relive. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good, this is why time in itself it so valuable. We place worth on items that are of no value, without realizing that those very items are costing us a cherished resource – Time. Spend it wisely.

Fiddling with your phone or binge watching your favorite show can occupy you while you are waiting on line or on a flight, but to make it part of your routine takes away from the experiences and interactions that could benefit you. What happens to a missed opportunity or a missed connection? You cannot back pedal into 30 minutes ago or thirty years ago, that instance has left you and what you did not appreciate when the opportunity presented itself with time, will now fade out or go to someone else that understood the significance of it.

As you get older you realize how time is closing in, the clock is always running and the buzzer is always about to go off. Every shot you take to score a point carries so much more weight to it. Not only is there no going back, there is no time for a “do over”. Life prepares you for certain moments, did we pick up the lessons? Once you are out on that court, trying to score a 3 point shot, the clock is running against you, the crowd is silent, and the ball is in the air – there is no time to learn the game, this score counts and the buzzer is going to go off regardless, score or no score.

What did you do with your time? It continues whether you hugged your mother or not, whether you told someone you loved them or not, it simply doesn’t matter stop because you didn’t use it responsibly.

As this week progressed, I thought about how I have very little time. The clock is always against me, I am always hurried to get as much in because I don’t know when my buzzer is going to go off. Game over, did I score? Did I get my team to the championship or did I warm a bench? I’m no bench warmer, hence I am going to be score as much and as hard as I can.

There is a moment when time does stop, it is death. But that clock stops only for you, what will you have done before that clock stops that made you live the life that made you the most satisfied and those around you better for giving you of their time?

This under appreciated, precious commodity has to come into focus and given the important it needs, because once wasted and misused, it only reminds you of how little of it you have left up ahead. Spend it wisely.

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