#selflove 6/30/15


Fear ˈfir/ noun

  1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fear, fear of what? We go through life being afraid of the unknown, the possibility of pain, or reliving an uncomfortable situation. Truth is, there are many things that we are afraid of because it is outside of our comfort zone. Pushing past your fears by getting out of your comfort zone is a thrill in itself, it also proves that what you were so afraid of isn’t so scary.

The comfort zone is deceiving, it is a warm cozy pillow top mattress that you sink into and every muscle relaxes, it lulls you to an REM coma. Doesn’t that sound delicious? My eyes get heavy just thinking about it. But you have to get out of bed, no, jump out and hit the ground running. If you want to move ahead, that comfort zone is your worst enemy. But what is holding you back? Insecurity? Lack of will power? Lack of ambition? Fear?

We all have our fears, truth is we all need a little hit of fear to get the heart palpitating. The key is not allowing those fears to paralyzing you, from taking away your ability to make a decision or a move. The key is to plan, prepare yourself with as many “Plan B” options as possible. Play out how you are going to handle the challenges ahead and don’t worry about it not working out on the first try. Everyone fails, everyone! Just don’t allow fear to take away from the awesome life and opportunities that are out there for you!

What is your goal? Envisioning your end goal is helpful, you know what you want and what you don’t want. If you don’t have that part conceptualized it is a good starting point. Leave room for error and modification, your goals could take month or years and as your get older you end goal will change with you. Once you have all of that set, it is the first step, the hardest and bravest. And there she is, Fear, her black hair and piercing eyes staring down at you, hovering over you like a gray tornado, ripping trees out of the ground and smashing all of the houses around you. Funny thing about tornados is that you can see the sun right behind them. Stay positive, stay honest with yourself and be smart enough to ask for feedback. Big hug!

2 thoughts on “#selflove 6/30/15

  1. Nice piece! Never knew you were a motivational speaker! I’ve been watching you lately and I see you, yourself have taken the bull by the horns! Keep up the good work and stay motivated! Mi Sriracha!

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