#ShashaSelflove Fate&Destiny 7/06/15


Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand it at the time.

I have been saying this for years now, sometimes I say it ironically and at other times I am looking back as I receive clarity on the “why”. There is that job that you didn’t get or that person that never worked out, there is a reason.

Ever wonder how you were able to “miss the bullet” with that job that you later found out would have been terrible for you. How about that girl that never quite worked out, you later find out she was stalking this guy.

Are we fated? Or it is destiny? I would submit that you are required, as a part of life, to go through some experiences because it is part of the life process – so that you may grow wiser. Fate is out of your control, but destiny is how you turn the whole thing around. You are fated to have freckles or have the psycho roommate, even better that horrible job is sitting there with your name already printed on the business card. What you do with the events in your life has given you the opportunity to take destiny into your own hands and go in either positive or negative direction.

“I have such bad luck”, I am sure you have heard that more than once, I have said it myself. (I personally am a judge at the world’s greatest asshole contest.) Fate has given you a lesson, how you learned that lesson? If not, fate is going to continue to bring up that situation, that conflict, that pebble so you can continue to trip over it and learn what you are meant to be taught. What you do with your fate is up to you.

It is easy to fall into a negative state of mind, negativity takes less effort and has many more supporters. Negativity is perpetuated every day in every aspect of our lives, at work we complain about the boss, at home we stand on the scale and curse the chocolate shake we had, on social media everyone is spewing out the most hateful things you have ever read.

Positivity takes effort, it takes an extra second to turn things on their head and look underneath. You may have a miserable job, let that serve as motivation for you to become expert and move up in your industry. The scale is possessed by the devil, no more chocolate shakes and more time at the gym. A family get together is painful, do something fun right before you get there so you relaxed and refreshed. Once you get into the practice of thinking in the positive it will become second nature. It is less stressful, the stressors are there but the way that they affect you is different.

Hence, fate provides you stressors, moments, people and paths – what you do and the attitude you take on is your destiny. Make an every day effort to stay in the positive. Big hug!


3 thoughts on “#ShashaSelflove Fate&Destiny 7/06/15

  1. Just think of the worst case scenario of any of your real situations (job, family life, weight, etc.) and know how blessed you are. These situations can be much better, but can also be so much worse! We can stay stuck and trust that it’s our fate, or we can press on to do better, to reach our full potential!!! You are well on your way mi Sriracha!

  2. Wonderful! Very often we find ourselves engrossed in the world of negative thoughts and behaviors as reflected off of others, you are right to suggest that it take serious effort to remain positive in the midst of this and trial…..but it is possible and we should make the effort for peace of mind.

    1. Thanks so much! It is very hard, considering all the negativity that reaches out to grab us, we have to keep focus and keep to our goals of inner peace and center.

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