@ShashaSelflove 7/08/15 Falling Apart


Entropy is defined as lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder. Sounds terrible. I would argue that sometimes you have to hit the floor, you can’t go any further down than rock bottom and it is at rock bottom that you test your metal.

Don’t look for your friends when you are immersed in entropy, those who are truly there for you will reach out. Look into yourself, your emotional and intellectual resources have either been presented for this moment or this is a moment of sharpening those very tools. What have you learned? Where is the lesson? How can I stop this? Your life spinning into the abyss isn’t one that is going to give you long term, sustainable success. It will give you a glimmer of what your true potential is, where you can be if only you were to stop spiraling.

Stop spiraling. Easier said than done, right? Is it you that is causing this effect in your life or is it an outside source? How do you run from what’s inside your head? If it is an outside entity (work, family, lover, traffic) you have to stop it from disturbing your peace. Either verbally or habitually giving it an exit from your life (“Uncle John, you are not allowed to comment on my weight, it is inappropriate.” or “I will no longer use this credit card.”), showing those entities the door brings your back to center. Grabbing onto actions that center you will stop the spiraling. Slowly the speed will reduce, your breathing won’t be so shallow, your head clears and things aren’t chaotic.

But you have to initiate these steps, not friends and not family. That is why I said not to look for them. No one can take on these steps for you, be encouraged to do so. There is no better secret to success than seeking and maintaining a peaceful center.

Not to say that this is never supposed to happen, it can and will. A death of someone close or a sudden loss of income can easily make everything go into spin cycle for some. It is the effort that you have to put in getting back to center that is important. It is hard, it takes all of your energy to exit certain people from your life, but you simply need to. Having someone in your life that brings toxic energy to you can only keep you from your successes. Is that someone that you really want around? Would you want that person around a loved one? Why are you keeping them around yourself?

@ShashaSelflove is about self respect, and demanding that all around your show you that as well. It takes courage to demand that of yourself and of them, but those demands come with rewards. The greatest reward and knowing that you are your anchor, you have the strength to take on your challenges and you aren’t settling – you are making every effort to live to your best. I am cheering you on! Big hug!

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