@ShashaSelflove 7/16/15 Living


Are you living? Are you just passing along until that heart attack finally takes you down. That moment when your heart clenches, your left arm goes numb, you taste pennies and think to yourself, “I had fun!” or will it be, “I wish I had…”. Either way, the lights go out, the ambulance comes, your fresh toe tag gets put on and into eternity you go. Kind of sudden, never planned and it is the one thing every human has in common.

It takes effort to live and risk to feel. You aren’t living if you aren’t pushing yourself to try, risk, set goals, love and fail. It is an empty life, no thrills or highs, yes the lows are devastating – how are you going to appreciate life when the situation finally turns in your direction if you have been living in the corner, watching everything and everyone pass by?

Grab life by the face a kiss it passionately, embrace the thorns on the roses – that is what makes them stronger! Set the stage, do your homework, I am not saying to go blindly into a cave and hug a bear, I am saying prepare for the worst, pray for the best and welcome the risks and rewards that come with your endeavors.

You have a right to feel, permit yourself that. It is scary as hell, I know it is, and you are allowed to be guarded and cautious but not so much that you restrict yourself from the many colors that life has to offer you.

Let’s be honest, when we are older we look back and say, “I should have…”, the blank is usually something that is not so monumental now. We were intimated, terrified, unsure or did not have the confidence to do what we didn’t dare to. Ask her out, the most she can say is no, you can’t be more single, right? Tell him how you want to be treated, if he doesn’t get it then move on. Hug a little longer, dream bigger, motivate yourself and you will see how others around you will be inspired by your motivation. You never know who is watching and is in the same emotional arrested development, your life can be a drive for others who are stuck in the corner, wanting to live.

Good luck! Be encouraged! Big hug!

4 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 7/16/15 Living

  1. Great insight on what life entails. Thank you Sasha for opening your inner thoughts, definately helps me with everyday life! We are afterall helpers of one anothers. Dont stop writing, your definately on to something great!!

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