@ShashaSelflove 7/24/15 Shine On


Don’t be afraid to shine, don’t let someone dim your light simply because it is shining in their eyes.

As you work on yourself, your process will start to take shape. Your shape can be square or round, that is truly up to you and no one else. The challenges you choose to take on will either make your process smooth or rough, but again you are the variable and it is up to you what you want to take away from the experience.

Be warned, as you improve many will take one of the two attitudes towards you – either they will cheer you on or they will envy you, don’t think for one second that it won’t be the same person doing both.

Whereas you were the dork in the bunch, the small one, the outcast  you are now blossoming into something spectacular. The twinkle in your eye says it all, you are on your way and relishing every moment of it. Don’t think for one second that there aren’t going to be those that are going to hang onto your coat tail – either to ride up with you or to pull you down.

Be encouraged, you are moving towards a positive life – don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about that. Many will poke fun at you, “Oh your doing that now?”, those are the ones to scratch off the “friends” list. You are attempting to do what so many are to afraid to do. Each step towards fulfillment will have two steps to get around, that takes great effort. All that hard work and effort is in preparation for a greater prize at the end.

Be smart, there is a reason why they call it strategic planning. Just like war you have to plot along enemy lines and make sure that your covered at all angles. Every step you take has to be purposeful, especially now that you are building an audience. You plan and execute maneuvers, take the class on ice sculpting, that online course on knitting or the Harvard cooking class (we can be classmates) and as fun as that all may be – you have to see where your steps are taking you and how this will play out in the end. Remember, that audience you have, some are cheering you on whereas others are watching patiently to see when you will fail. Give them a show, let them think you are tripping over the cobble stones – only to demonstrate that you have made your own path.

Be resilient. That stands on its own, show yourself love along the way. This is going to be tough, I am cheering for you! Big hug!

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