@ShashaSelflove 7/27/15 I love her.


Revolution, something has changed…

I don’t miss who she used to be, because she has brought me to this point.  She has carved out my past behind me and she is steps ahead, clearing the way.

She is part of the thread, and I am still sewing. She is a fine gold filament that is weaved through the fabric. She glimmers in the light and in the dark she is the only shine. Her flicker isn’t seen by everyone. For only someone who knows of its value appreciates her pattern.

I look back at her,  the she I used to be, she is smarter now and doesn’t realize how the tears the rolled down her face are treasures that will reward her with wisdom.

She smiles through the burn, knowing that it is improving her. Refining her.

I wasnt always kind to her, I failed her so many times. I wasn’t patient with her process or her pain, I owe her more. I still do.

So as I usher her forward, I let go of her “mistakes” and embrace her wisdom.

I want to look back and know, I was hard on her but I was also fair, I allowed her some mistakes.

I dared her to take off her veil and be herself, free to smile, free to love, free to sin.

Look at the you you used to be. Fight for the you you are going to be. Self love is so much more than adorning yourself with self praise and poise. If that is what you thought it was, you are missing the point. Self love is acknowledging that everything that has brought you to were you are was with purpose. Realizing that you are always being molded, and never to stay stagnant.

Love your process, embrace the journey,  allow yourself to learn from the challenges, don’t forget how far you have come. Big hug!

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2 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 7/27/15 I love her.

  1. We are all A WORK in progress, there v is so much that we hold ourselves from because we often hold on to the past, the song “Let it go” from Disney’s Frozen reminds me thAt God has already forgiven our past! So we need to forgive ourselves and take whAt he has in store for us. We are renewed, reborn and beautiful, let it show and let the haters hate- perhaps one day, as we continue to pray for them……they will come to love themselves. Peace.

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