@ShashaSelflove 8/07/15 Mystery


What draws us together?

There is a strange force that pulls two people towards one another that seems almost inevitable.  Whether for flight into disaster or flight to soar, it is a mystery of the how and the why.

Whether it be by accident or by intelligent design, for some the process can be awkward (me!) and accepting the fact that someone is attracted to you makes you dizzy (that is adrenaline ).

But what is it? What is the mysterious ingredient that causes one person to pull another like meteors dragged to earth by gravity? Is it supposed to remain a mystery? I wish I had a clue. There are somethings that have no answer, there is no idealistic response for philosophy that can unravel and provide an indication. But there is the other side of the coin.

You are worthy of being loved, you are worthy of being part of the mystery. Regardless of what you think
you look like, regardless of how big of a dork you are – some one out there thinks you are super cute, they think you are worthy, they see your qualities, they want to be around you, they want to discover the beauty they can’t see from the outside,  they want to see you smile. And you are worth their effort, let them work hard to earn you and allow yourself to be loved the way you deserve.

Sometimes you have to be brave enough to allow yourself to be open to a new experience.  Those that are matters of the heart are especially hard to be open to, new friends are hard to make as well. But whatever pulls you towards another person or draws them to you will remain a mystery. Enjoy the discovery of this new encounter. Big hug!

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