@ShashaSelflove 8/13/15 Suffer


Who lied to you? Did they tell you it would be rainbows and unicorns and that everything would go your way? Wipe the glitter off your eyes and settle down, suffering is a part of life and in this lifetime you are going to stumble into it or head into it straight on (some of us volunteer for it) what you do to get through and over it makes all the difference.

I would love to tell you to “stay positive and all of this will roll over”, unless you do something about it, it won’t. The initial stage of suffering is the actual emotion, it is ok to cry, complain, ask why, fight, argue and ride the wave of emotions that comes with the initial onset. So now that your eyes are swollen and red, now that you are drained of all feeling, now that you can’t hear that song on the radio, now that you need to be held, what can be done?

You keep it movin’.

You saw right, don’t adjust your glasses, you slam your hand on your chest and say out loud, “I have learned insert lesson here and I will not let this take me down, I will only allow this to build me up and become wiser.” Keep. It. Movin’. I have had to learn over and over again that I am made for challenges, doors slam in my face all the time – sometimes I am able to see it coming and at other times I don’t. But if there is a front door, there has to be a back door entrance as well. We have to keep looking for what we want, looking for the fulfillment that will help us live in true happiness. Just remember, what you want isn’t always what you need, don’t doggedly seek out something that is not in your fate – seek out your truth. There is value and light in living the life that you are meant to have.

We are all seeking out that light (I would like to think) in our lives. Where the sun shines on your face and warms the edges of your cheeks, the air breezes into your lungs and you are truly free. We have had tastes of the light, seek that which brings you closer to it.
But know that when you suffer, you are being made stronger, you are encouraged to be bolder about seeking where you are meant to be. There is no shame in your tears, there is shame when you don’t learn. Don’t forget that suffering, that pain that dwells deep inside, let it fuel you – turn that pain into energy, not into bitterness.

You are building yourself strong, a house made of bricks weathers the storm better than a house of straw. Remember, when you set a brick on fire it doesn’t crumble, it glows.

I want to thank the few friends that pulled me through the last couple of days, you are my muse and I am grateful to have you. I know that as the sun warms my face, I will share my light with you.

Big Hug!

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