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Why do we like shiny new things in our lives? They are a new experience, right? That gadget with all the new buttons and apps, that new watch that can tell you the time in London or that brand new purse that goes great with the new shoes. New entities come into our lives all the time, some we welcome and some we pay no mind. It all depends on our hierarchy of needs at the time. But do we welcome good things in our lives or do we leave the door open for negativity?

As we go along the path we come to crossroads, left or right, doesn’t matter because you are fated in a particular direction. The crossroads could be a new person, new job, new experience or a new realization. Your destiny is what you do with your fate, hence if this new entity presents itself into your life as a negative force (the new watch that can’t tell time!) and you allow it to enter than what is really welcoming negativity isn’t life circumstances – it is you.

Harsh, right? When I started this blog I promised myself to be positive and real, so there it is. Good things are constantly knocking on our door, we often leave them on the porch and don’t realize that the package that was send to us may have some dents, scratches, missing parts and may have been discarded by others – but that good thing wasn’t meant to be perfect or for others, it is for you. The dents give them depth, the scratches give it character, the missing pieces give it strength and you give it a home. So I will say it again, many of us (me included) will allow a negative into our lives because it looks so pretty, tied up in a ribbon, sparkly and bright – just to deceive you and distract you from the damage it is there to do in your life. Stop being your own worst enemy, open your eyes with wisdom and allow the good into your life.

I despise the saying, “Good things come to those who wait”, I object, good things come to those who strive hard for good things and good things finally come to their door. Allowing something good to come into your life is a decision that doesn’t make itself, it is what you do with your destiny. It is hard to sift out the right things sometimes, still standing at that crossroads you struggle, left or right – right or left. Weigh out your options – especially if you have the opportunity to think about it. How does this edify my life? Only you can make the decision because only you know where you want to end up. But don’t allow the goal up ahead not allow you to see the actual path you have to take. The path is lined with obstacles, often you being one of them.

Become better at discerning when a good package is being delivered to your door, accept the good that comes into your life – as for the bad things, they are there to help you better appreciate the good. It is all part of the process, just don’t let the negative linger. Big hug.

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