@ShashaSelflove 8/28/15 Death Becomes Us


There is nothing more universal than death, it is the one thing that every living thing has in common. If it is so common, why is it so hard to deal with?

Truth is that when we suffer a death we are crying for ourselves, not our loved ones. We will miss them, we will not see them again – but what about them? They no longer are taking pills, having surgery, getting poked with needles or having to see another doctor. They are finally at peace, we have to be happy for them and for their rest.

It is important to find the positive in death, as morbid as this may sound it pushes you to re-evaluate your thoughts on death and how to overcome a loss in your life. Of course, it is healthy to cry and mourn someone but it is not healthy to prolong the mourning to the point where it interrupts your life thereafter.

In the grand scheme of things when someone passes they’re finally at rest. We miss our loved ones, we remember all the moments that we shared, all the words that they took the time to say to us. So in truth, the sorrow is not about the dead, it’s about the living. We have to take a look inside of ourselves and sincerely examine what can be learned, what this person gave me that I can now use to improve my life, to change my mindset, their was value in their words, their was value in the relationship. That is why you’re grieving but it can’t be tears and memorial services, there is something more – look for what this person left you, not the piece of jewelry or an inheritance but an example how to live and how to accept peace with grace.

Death comes to us all, the moments you share with others leaves an imprint. Be purposeful with your words, actions – you will be remembered as such. Big hug.

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