@ShashaSelflove 9/01/15 Goals


There is more to life than passing on through and dropping dead. At least I would like to think so. So what are we doing to get to goal?

We are usually forced to exist in the space between having just completed a goal and working towards the achieving them. And there is nothing wrong with that. Get in the fight, the bell has rung and you are up, get ready to take left hooks, jabs, and kidney punches. Getting to your goals is going to be an uphill battle that is going to consume every bit of you. Are you ready?

Here’s the breakdown: You are going to have your cheerleaders. Then there are the fans. Don’t forget your coach. There are the reporters. There are going to be the groupies. The opposing team. The naysayers and haters. Let’s see, who am I forgetting? You, there is you. You are the star player, the quarter back and the tight end.

Your cheerleaders are those sending you positive vibes every step of the way, they do a little dance when you are down and help you smile and stay motivated. Your fans believe in you, they want to see you win! Your coach, coaches are special in that they want to see you win and they are going to kick your ass the entire way, but they are proudest when they see you put in your all. The reporters, you know who they are, they give the high lights of your efforts an sprinkle their own flavor onto it to make it sound sensational (in other words those are the ones that gossip about you). The groupies, these are dangerous, the latch onto you so they can see what they can get out of you. They want your fame without the hard work, don’t let them linger – just show them the door. The opposing team represents your challenges, the better you get the bigger the opposing team. Train hard and harder. The naysayers are haters are where you are going to draw your biggest source of drive. These people are going to hold their breath, waiting for the moment that you fail. They want that moment to arrive so they can puff out their chest and gloat about how right they were. Fuck that. Take their negative energy and convert it to positive energy – let that be your fuel. Prove them to be the only failures in your life.

And then there is you. I am going to say this over and over, you are your worst enemy. You doubt yourself every step of the way, hate yourself for smiling, take yourself down when you are getting pumped up. You believed in Santa Claus for the first 7 years of your life, would it kill you to believe in yourself for 10 minutes? Get pumped, like you are your number 1 fan of your own team. Go You! Go! What is it that you want to get done? New job? New love? New home? New life? Make a list of tasks, crush them and make a new list, crush that as well! Don’t just exist, participate in your life, make it count. It isn’t going to be easy, but you have to keep positive and make a plan. There are going to be times where you want to give in, those are the moments where you have to pull strength out of thin air, that is when your effort becomes real and your metal is tested. You have to dig deep within and remind yourself that you want this and it is worth your blood, sweat, and tears.

So what happens when you get to your goal or fail (yes that is going to happen)? Down time is needed in between, to regroup and catch our breath, but don’t sit high on your horse or you’ll get knocked off. There are new goals to set, new ventures to take on, but there has to be an opportunity to take in the view of your work and see what is going well and what needs to be adjusted. I hope that makes sense, some struggle with stopping (I am one of them) and the reality is that the view is only valuable if someone takes time to admire it. Big Hug!

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