@ShashaSelflove 9/03/15 Go!


Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that voice, insisting that you just go. Whether it be walking about that door and ending a bad relationship or flying around the world to finally get to the destination of your dreams, sometimes you simply have to pack up your toys and get to the other side of the door.

What is holding you back? Fear? Possibly, fear is what usually paralyzes us from making most decisions. At times it isn’t even our own fears, family members and friends freak out when we tell them about our ambitions or goals and they bestow their fears on us. It is unfair for them to unload on you, but it does give you a dose of what may or may not happen. The point is to be realistic and not inherit their negativity but do look into what they are saying.

In relationships, only you can make the relationship to stay or go. Sometimes you have people in your life, and although the ride has been fun, it is time for their season in your life to be over. You have ran the course with them, but they no longer edify your life – at this point they are taking more than they are giving. So, just like the trees lose their leaves towards the winter, you must now shed them as well. No guilt, you were only supposed to be in their lives for that time and that time alone. Practicing self love may at times appear to be selfish, but in truth you have to show yourself what you want others to show you. You must show yourself that strength you have so that when you are tested, you can stand strong.

In goals, you know what I am about to say, get it together and take on what are setting out to accomplish. No more waiting, no more “one day”, one day starts today. When you get off your comfy seat and make the first of many efforts to get to conquer your battles. There isn’t any time to waste, you have done that enough while sitting there and contemplating what will be one day. But if you don’t get started on your journey, you will remain where you are – only the seat will no longer be comfy.

I have had my own “Go” moment, I looked to the floor and wondered, “Why am I still here? This is the open door I have been waiting for.”, and just like that I went for it. Sometimes that thrust is what you need, life just kicks you through the door and you may fall forward through the threshold, but it is what you needed at the time. Think positively, dust yourself off and say, “well played life, well played!”.

Prepare, even if you don’t have an urgency, when the opportunity presents itself you want to be able make that decision knowing that everything has led to this point. And you will have nothing holding you back. Go! Big hug!

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