@ShashaSelflove 9/08/15 The Smile On Your Face


So what is happy?
hap·py ˈhapē/ adjective 1.feeling or showing pleasure or contentment
The expression that we use to convey happy, approval and welcome is a smile. It spreads across their face, curling the lips and sometimes wrinkling the nose. Some fall in love with smiles, others use it as a mask. “They look so happy, they are always smiling”, yet in others it will inspire envy.
You deserve to smile and express your happiness,  after all you have fought so hard to get to where you are.
Someone asked me the other day of I was happy with my life. Truth is – no. I am never satisfied,  I am constantly fighting to conquer my fears and stay the course towards my goals – so I am never happy because I am fighting to keep the smile on my face. But don’t think for a second that I am in the first round of this championship boxing match. I am always at the 11th round,  swinging to keep my belt. We have all taken a beating to get to where we belong, not where we are. So hold your tongue and focus on you.
If you are envious of the smile, you need to check yourself.  Why is someone else’s happiness making you so upset, so twisted inside that you feel the need to lie, take and hurt that person. They don’t have the problem,  you do. Why not focus on your happy, try to work on your smile?
The point is to stay in the positive,  tearing down others doesn’t pull you up. Attempting to snuff out someone else’s smile shows your true character, your flaws and how much you have left to do. So why not focus on you, while bringing more attention to yourself by putting on display on what you are doing right instead of what you are doing wrong. We are all a work in progress,  truth be told, however some of us power through and put the smile on our face in order to continue to remind ourselves of our goal or to hide the tears thar are flowing down.
I always said I would be positive  and real. Big hug!
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