@ShashaSelflove 9/10/15 Rise Above


Einstein was known for being smart, I suppose this is an example of his genius.

How we choose to solve problems says plenty about our strengths,  ability to discern and character.  What we choose to classify as a problem also speaks to what we would consider to be a problem and our priorities. 

When faced with an issue some will pounce at the opportunity to blame someone for this concern. Others will freeze up and have an anxiety attack. And still, others will take in the information,  let it sit in their thoughts for a day (or two), converse the issue with those he thinks are wiser, attempt to find the underlying condition that has created this scenario and then they will respond to the matter.

It is easy to explode, to allow an explosive burst when you are brought news that you simply don’t want to hear. In doing so you allow your anger to be on full display,  you lose control of the situation and afterwards you may have some apologizing to do. So why go that route?

Look at the issue from an aerial view, attempting to separate what you perceive to be the situation to what it actually is. What caused this? What energy brought this to me? What is the best possible outcome? How can I prevent this from happening again?
When we operate from a positive frame of mind, we don’t exclude reality, we embrace the reality and see how we may or may not have played a part in the situation. How are you an contributing factor to the problem and to the solution? Additionally,  what is the underlying condition that caused this problem to occur.  Positive thinking comes in the outcome portion of the process, what is the best outcome for all involved? You may want to pull better outcomes for my yourself but what happens if you are dealing with a family/work/group issue? You can be selfish and seek the best possible outcome for yourself but you will also be alone afterwords. That part is yours to deal with.

It takes some mental re-training but it can become second nature once you get some practice with the process of rising above and staying positive. Once you see the rewards, you’ll see it is worth it. Big hug!
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