@ShashaSelflove 9/15/15 This is where I leave you


There are certain points in time where you have to take inventory, of everything. To the number of bandaids to how many pieces of tupperware you have in the cupboard. Inventory is a good way to figure out what you have and what needs to go. So what do you have in front of you?

I for one have to do this with frequency, I have a tendency to put things in the corner – letting it pile up a little. It happens with everything from shoes to “friends”, and then one day I realize that I need to clear out that closet and I do it ubruptly and in a hurry. So back to the question, now that you have taken everything out of the closets (I see the red sequince dress and we need to talk about the clear heels) what are you going to keep and what are you going to get rid of? With some items, people and ideas it is very easy to disgard them, just put them on the curb because the idea or affection for that entity has become distant, hence it doesn’t hurt so much to remove it from the stuffed closet of our life. But what about the items you hold so dear and simply must let go of?

At a certain point you have to remove certain people from your life for so many reasons, but the foundation for the removal has to be self love. You come to a crossroads one side is self love, self preservation and wanting a companion – on the other side are their needs and what they see for their future. You have to look at the inventory and ask yourself is this person loving me or loving what I have to offer? Is this person supporting your journey the way you support theirs? Are you on the same page? What are they telling you versus what they are showing you? As hard as it may seem you have to have a moment where you must to say “This is where I leave you.”, no apologies and no guilt, there is just a fork in the road and they will no longer continue with you on your journey.

If you go on your path with anything, it is the wisdom from the experience and the knowledge that you had the strength to make the best decision for yourself. Continuing in a positive state of mind and realizing that however long the relationship with this person (place or thing) had value and taught you a lesson.  Look for the lesson, if not you are bound to pick up another handsome hitchhiker who will try to divert you from your destination, you’ll end up going through it all over again. It won’t be easy, I will never tell you that it is, something about a croocked smile and a warm hug makes us forget where we were going. But there isn’t time to waste, time waits for no one and we have some pretty hefty goals to get to! So chin up, there is no guilt in living the life you always wanted and in never settling. There is plenty of road up ahead, filled with pot holes and flat tires – I want you to have someone by your side that will share your journey as theirs and share theirs as yours. If that isn’t on the road map, let them off at the next rest stop. 

It isn’t that you don’t love them, it is that you love yourself more. Big Hug!

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