@ShashaSelflove 9/24/15 The Storm Within


Whirling and blowing at the seams but in the center of the hurricane is absolute calm, quiet and stillness. Approaching land, hurricanes make the sky dark only lit by sharp lighting illuminating the from above. A mixture of warm and moist air, fueled by conflicting air pressures and expanding through natural elements – hurricanes are very much symbolic of the process we go through when we decide to make a dramatic change in our lives.

At the very center of the insanity there must be temperance, a cool restraint that exist in knowing that there is a greater purpose in what is happening along your path. Yes, the gale force is destroying structures around you and spitting out debris in the opposite direction, but isn’t that what coming out of your comfort zone requires?

Hearing a hurricane coming, the sound it makes is stunning. It raises the hair on the back of your neck, oceans swell, houses collapse, cars float away like bathtub toys – it should. It should scare all of those that don’t see the storm within but only see you coming through. The may not be able to discern the look in your eye for the drive that you have roiling inside of you.

Be a category 5, allow the storm surge to wash away the negatives in your life and allow the destruction give way to the new structures in your life.

When you have decided to make major changes in your life there will be plenty of obstacles that will attempt to stand in your way but just like the house that the hurricane swallowed up and spit out, you will do the same with your obstacles. Unlike the storm where there is no telling the direction it will take, you do have control over where you want it to go. Don’t look at the size of the obstacles in front of you, that isn’t a factor – look at how much you want your goal. You want it enough? I know I do, there isn’t a wall big enough to keep us away from it. Once you’ve made the decision to take aim, you are landing hard. There is no turning back when it comes to the hurricane that is your passion, your goal is only a culmination of efforts and acts that lead you towards where you propose to be.

Don’t lose the calm center, always get back to center – many events will attempt to sway you and take you out of course. Stay positive, remind yourself that everything that is worth this amount of dedication is going to be met up with plenty of people that will say you can’t do it. Stay grounded, the journey is just as important as the goal. Stay uncomfortable, complacency is not an option – being sore reminds you of the areas you need to work more on. We are all in this together, I have my Go Bag packed, Big Hug!

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