@ShashaSelflove 9/29/15 Fighter for Who?


There is a fighter in all of us, for some the fighter is always on the surface and yet for others it is buried deep – only accessible when truly infuriated. The unexpected response throws everyone off, yet when it comes to the defense of others, you always respond. Something in you resonates, you want to assist, it burns you to see the injustice being committed. My concern is this: Are you fighting for you the way that you fight for others?

There is someone who you are meant to be, regardless of what your end goal is – be very clear, many are going to attempt to block you from getting there. I want you to dig deep, deeper than you ever have and I want you to find what it is you see yourself doing. Doesn’t matter what see you, as long as it is what fulfills you. If you like making ice cream or skyscrapers, doesn’t matter – it is your goal. I want you to know that it is going to be hard as hell because there are so many distractions and detractors, but I want you to fight. Keep swinging, every round and always remember that every time you connect a punch there are ten more coming your way.

You need to fight for that person, like you would fight for a battered child. You have to go into self-preservation mode or you will forever be the carpet that everyone walks over. Put your gloves on and enter the ring of a life time, the one that counts – the fight that is for you and by you. Round for round you are going to take your hits, no excuses or explanations – winning does not happen on emotion, it occurs on execution.

You put all of your passion into helping those that are less fortunate, those that are in need of your help. Whether that be a friend or a stranger, you take the step to help someone at work even though your desk is overflowing. Put that same energy into helping – no, fighting for yourself.

Plot to reach your goals with the same fervor that you put into those that you love, they will not help you achieve your goals – only you will. So stop making excusing and creating ones as well, stop filling your life with road blocks and start taking down whatever is standing in your way. Yes, you create your own excuses, I hear it all the time, “I have no time, I am tired, I can’t, I just don’t know where to start, is it worth my effort”, get motivated or stay frustrated. You have only yourself to blame at the end, because instead of fighting for yourself, you forfeited the fight.

We are no longer at a point in our lives where we have the luxury of time, there is no time because as soon as you leave your objectives for later it is ten years later. And what did you do? Time doesn’t stand still, it knows it is a valuable resource that very few fully appreciate walks through with the least of concern.

It isn’t easy, I know it, get organized and get disciplined. Look at your schedule, plan and plot you time purposefully. Don’t apologize to those that complain about you not making time for them, those that truly support you will understand. Stop making excuses and expecting results, you can’t have both. Stop creating obstacles. Get on task. Drink plenty of liquids and sleep when you can. Big hug!

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3 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 9/29/15 Fighter for Who?

  1. excellent! you’re right. we so easily fight for others, help others, campaign for others. yet, we do not care for our own Self, in the same manner. great points 🙂

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