@ShashaSelflove 10/6/15 Still Here


We want to change, push into a realm that we thought at one point in our lives was unattainable. We claim to be unstoppable, yet instead of using our legs to knock down the road blocks – we use our hands to build walls up around us. If you want to attain a goal that you have never had before, you are going to have to do something you have never done before. Plain and simple.

There is no greater obstacle than your own fatigue, loathing and excuses. So until you get that language out of your system you are going to continue to sit there and even dare to question, “Why am I still here?”. You are still there because you haven’t pushed yourself into the next level of audacity, to have the courage to not be mediocre and to shine in the face of those that continuously doubt and make fun of you for trying. Yes, there will be more people informing and even educating you on how you are so wrong to want to improve yourself. There will be “friends” that will tell you that you are reaching way too far and that what you aspire to be is not a reality. And they would be right if you are attempting to be Superman, but in truth you are simply seeking to be a Super Man or Super Woman.

Stop doing the same thing and on that note stop hanging around the same people. You can bring your usual crew with you into new endeavors, some will applaud you and join you as supporters and for their own edification and others will sit back and doubt your ambition. Dare to be great, dare to be an inspiration to those that are down in the dumps and think that they can’t do it. All of us can, once you make up your mind and plan your attack – there has to be something much greater than you that will either push your towards your fulfillment or stop you dead in your tracks. So go ahead warm up, break a sweat and get ready for the challenge of a lifetime.

“Still here” can only be said while waiting in line at Starbucks, I will only say those words to my friends, “I am still here for you, after all these years and all our trials”, it will only said to our life partners, “Baby, I am still here and I am not going anywhere”. The term is not to refer to the stagnation of your life, there is no time or patience for that. You have a calling, something for which you were made, that one thing that burns a fire in you whenever you day dream about it. Don’t smoother that fire, fan it and let the warmth of it give you the fuel you need to persevere. There is no shame in wanting to life that is bold, fearless and courageous. Although many will attempt to shame you and mock you for putting a smile on your face, you continue to fight with all you have to keep it there.

Don’t take the setbacks as failures, they are there for a reason. Each one is there to teach you how to calibrate your tools, rewire your circuits and reassure you of the realities you are facing. Once you accomplish your goals, don’t think it will be smooth sailing. Note that many will make it their goal to take away yours. Have the humility to allow yourself to be taught, have the wisdom to learn at every opportunity and have the strength to reflect. Keep your eyes on the prize, we are in this together, Big Hug!

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