@ShashaSelflove 10/8/15 Flying Free


How long have you been lying to yourself?  A few months, days, years? Why? You have been fooling yourself into thinking that the world you have sewn together is safe, because it is convenient to live in a world that is borded up – light doesn’t shine through to show you what your world really is. It is much more comfortable to live in the four walls you have put up around you because anything else will cause you to feel, think and (heaven forbid) confront your reality. The reality of your lonliness and how you aren’t fulfilled is out of your own doing. It is either you are comfortable and hence have become complacent to living like this and may not be aware that you have gotten to this point or your are afraid and you don’t know how to get out. 

You aren’t alone, in the sense that there are many like you. You are alone on the sense that you have pushed away those that love you,  that see your potential and aren’t afraid of your sadness. No complaints,  especially if you have continued to stay in this mindset and know better. You are voluntarily in emotional arrested development, so no tears. Maybe one day you will allow yourself the opportunity,  don’t wait so long that the opportunity is no longer available.

For those of us that want to be fulfilled, we take the step. We may have fallen into the well, but if I cry enough I can fill the well and swim my way out. Finding the positive even in the worst of scenarios takes real commitment and tenacity.  It isn’t about flowers and unicorns, it is about taking that bitter pain and converting it into the catalyst. Yes, those of us that know about living a purposely positive life have lived the darkest moments.  Grab on to those lessons, grab on to your wanting to smile from the inside – not just painting a smile on the outside.  

Once we stop lying to ourselves and allowing a life that is fulfilling and satisfying to be lived, we will fly free. It is worth a shot, why live such a frustrated existence? The leather belts that bound us are undone, we are unshackled to the prison we created in our lives.  We can breathe deeper, laugh harder and sleep better. It is up to you. Big hug!

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4 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 10/8/15 Flying Free

  1. Great post, thanks so much for the encouragement! Also, thanks so much for following my blog; I appreciate it so much, and am so glad you enjoyed it.

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