@ShashaSelflove 10/13/15 Grateful


Have you ever been around someone that is always complaining? Did you ever notice? We could be that one person that is always complaining and not even be aware. We watch the news and the reporting is ultra-focused on the negatives of the world. There is so much to be appreciative of, why isn’t there an emphasis on that?

Why are you complaining? It has become such a part of your language that you many not even be aware that you have been focusing on the negatives. What is the voice in your head telling you that everything is wrong? Where does it come from? Did it start with your mom? That batty coworker that is drinking coffee and chain smoking out front? Or is it you (yeah, you), that person you walk around with could be weighing you down instead of pushing you upwards. You deal with yourself every day, maybe I am the only one that talks to herself in the morning, but most days you look in the mirror and make a comment. Mine is usually, “Good morning big butt, we are going to have a great day, now let’s go!”, it is usually in my most sarcastic tone, but we are all a work in progress.

What are you saying to yourself? There has to be a change in our language, in our vernacular, because what we speak into our lives is what we surround ourselves with – it is what infiltrates our atmosphere. And no doubt, that there are some pretty screwed up things going on in our lives, but there isn’t room in the compliant department for any more complaints. So your option is to find the positive and make those complaints into declarations of gratitude.

Raise your gaze, allow your eyes to focus above the energy that attempts to dig you into a hole. Do not allow these draining forces to have the strength to pull you down.  Once you call the problem by its name, it is much easier to confront it. Make a list, if you must, of all the good things you have going on in your life. Practice saying thank you to those people that have helped you, that have given you a piece of advice, that remind you that life is so much more than the screwed up coffee from this morning (stop being petty). Go to those people and explain yourself, that you have a habit of saying that you practice expressing your gratitude to those that make your day. Not only will you make their day, you will add an uplifting ingredient into your aura, turning your language and presence in a different direction.

Take an opportunity to reflect on they many amazing things that you have in your life. We have our health, we have jobs (there are so many that don’t), we have our family (who gives us plenty of unedited laughs and stories), we have the insane cast of characters in our lives and we have life itself. Life gives us twists and turns that make us wiser and warmer. Move forward with the spirit of appreciation because we could have to much less. We could have been raised in an orphanage, we could have died while sleeping, we could have not hugged that last person you hugged or worse of all – you could have no options than to just wither and die. Your self-talk is a plant, water it well.

So in this spirit…I want to thank all my family and friends that support my blog, thank you to the people that follow this blog (I am so humbled), my muse, my trainer (welcome to my festival Richard!!), my vast team of doctors that keep me together and my parents – they are the best. You all enrich my life more than I can express and you give me the inspiration that drives me further! Big hug!

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14 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 10/13/15 Grateful

  1. So I just wanna say THANK U @Shashaselflove I’m sending positive vibes and I have no room for complaints. So from now on I’m gonna tell myself “Good morning big butt, we are going to have a great day, now let’s go!”!!!!! I totally ❤️ it!!!

  2. There’s much to be grateful for. I aspire to be grateful for even the “harsh” lessons and “toxic” behaviors. I have the thought that a duck lets the water run off its back, and mud doesn’t stick to a lotus. In fact, if it weren’t for the mud, there would be no lotus. So yes, I’m cultivating gratitude for mud.

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