@ShashaSelflove 10/16/15 Stay Cool


Calm, cool, collected…and calculated. The fifth C, centered. Don’t allow anything to knock you into a panic.

You get that phone call, that person knocks on your door, that text or email. Your senses respond different situations in a variety of ways. When you get bad news, as the sweat rolls down the back of your neck and your heart accelerates as you absorb what is happening and deal with it that best way you can. These are the moments in life that you walk away from amazed, either because it happened or because you actually survived.

How did I get through that? We all have a superb set of tools in our skill set. Whether we have acquired them through a host of previous experiences or observed them through examples (yes, you don’t have to live something to learn something). We walked away from those events wonder why it happened and how we were able to handle it. Please be assured, everything happens for a reason – even when we don’t understand it at the time. Look back at those moments and smile, knowing that whatever you just dominated was thanks to your “un-understandable” episodes in your life.

Don’t self-imposed stress in your life, breathe deep and have your mantra ready. Whatever it is that you have to say to get you back to center and back to realizing that the path has these challenges as gifts. Like the hardware store, there are tools you buy and sometimes you get a gift certificate. I have already shared my mantra with you, “Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand it at the time”. Sometimes there are tears rolling when I say it, sometimes I am laughing so hard that I can’t mouth the words. Accept all the gifts your path is giving you, they will serve you for a greater purpose.

There is also another element that you need to pay close attention to while on your path, in your travels you will collect people. They are friends, acquaintances, mentors and a few other things as well. Those that you keep around you can add to your calmness or rip it out of your hands. You allow it, and if you do – why? If you don’t it is because you honor your time, energy and mental stability. They cannot come into your life peacefully and walk out just to leave you in pieces. That is how easily they try to distract you from your goals. Those people aren’t of value, they don’t edify you and are wasteful. You have a purpose; you are being molded every day for that purpose so that you can be impactful. Stop allowing the extras in the movie of your life come in and take away your focus. Pull from your strengths, know that you are not alone – you are your greatest motivator. (I am cheering for you! GO! GO! GO!)

And now, this new event – it is to test of you learned how to use that tool added or if you are still in the process of mastering it. Stay calm, cool, and collected – you have no idea what this new challenge is preparing you for, but it is for a very good reason. Smile through it all, laugh when you want to break down and persevere. Don’t give up, don’t let this take you down – you are being built up strong because the next challenge is going to be even tougher. Relish through those moments that attempt to defy you and demonstrate that you can thrive in the toughest of conditions. We can do this! Big Hug!

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19 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 10/16/15 Stay Cool

  1. Yep! I often say to myself “Is this going to bother me a year from now?” It often diminishes the importance I have given something. I also believe the only reason others are in our life is to learn from them. It helps diffuse people issues and helps me to stand back a little further and observe whatever just happened and why, what is the take away gift? Great and inspiring post!

    1. Thanks so much for you comment and insight! Being reflective is so important and we all have to get into the practice of doing so!

  2. Thanks for the follow, you are writing great stuff! I always think I will laugh about something in a year’s time…. and other times it makes me stronger… it does really!

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  4. I particularly like your reference to the people we collect. Oh, how many mistakes expats make when they are desperate for friends in a new environment. I still make mistakes but react more quickly and positively to the s.oul-eaters. Great article

  5. Thanks for the reminder. In addition to collecting people on our path, we also collect lessons. Staying cool has helped me learn more of the lessons than the old way I took things.

    1. Thanks for the comment pacific! We are collectors, whether we know it or not, as long as we continue to learn – it is all goid!

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