@ShashaSelflove 11/3/15 Eat Alone

I have had the conversation with many, “How can you go to a restaurant and eat by yourself?”, people are mortified by the thought of sitting at a table, alone with no one in front of them to distract them from the meal they have ordered. Is it that the person across from you is company or are they a buffer from all of the others guests at the restaurant? 

Many say that eating alone is a bad thing, you are antisocial (not a bad thing), you are cut off from the world (have you seen the news?), or even better that you aren’t ambitious (because you are mining for resources while finishing your fries). I am not saying every meal or every day, but it is very healthy to sit down with yourself and have a reflective moment, quietly nourishing you body and your mind with the silence that you don’t get most days. There is also this: There is nothing worse than sitting across the table from someone that brings nothing to the table. They are seeking from you, either love or gain but have nothing for you. Your time and attention are precious, resources that cannot be replaced are significant because there is no going back to retrieve it once it is given away. Still afraid of eating alone? Not so much.

Let’s face it, life is noisy – at work everyone is chatting and asking a bunch of questions, on the way to and from home there are horns blowing and loud music and even when you do prepare a meal – there is always noise. Time to turn the volume down, grab a paperback book (remember those?) and sit down. You don’t have to prepare anything or wash the dishes after, that is part of your silence. 

Sit with yourself, as you rustle with the pages that you haven’t turned in a while and slip into the world that the story is enveloping you in – take a sip and a bite, realize that you have nothing to be afraid of and that you don’t need a buffer. The people at the other tables wish they had your generous gift of silence and tranquility. Some are at the table arguing and others are tired of the unrest in their lives. Think of the company you would keep across the table form you, how much time do you truly want to spend with them? Are you looking to see when your interaction started or are you anxious for it to finish? There is nothing wrong with simply not bringing them to your table, why are you allowing that into an experience that is supposed to be enjoyed? Be honest with yourself and look to see if those you invite to the table are bringing fresh fruit or a poison apple. 

There is nothing wrong with eating by yourself, if only to realize that your own company is enough and plenty. Sustain yourself, edify yourself please wake up to the fact that you only need yourself as your greatest resource and advocate. With that being said, Buen Provecho/Bon Appetit. Big hug! 

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22 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 11/3/15 Eat Alone

  1. I will most likely do all things alone but Man isnt an island so every once a while, socializing is good. But heck, I want to enjoy my meal, savouring the tastiness, so what’s wrong with eating alone?

    1. Nothing at all! It is about remembering to get back to center, we get so caught up in life that we forget to check in with ourselves, not good, especially when we get off our own path. Enjoy!

  2. It does seem odd the way society views people dining alone. On the few times that I’ve had to travel alone for my job, it almost seems that the waiters are shocked that someone is alone. I’m almost always asked if I am waiting for someone else.

  3. I use to feel awkward sitting alone in a restaurant, but over time, I got over it! Now, it feels very natural and although I enjoy the company of others and the conversations, I also enjoy being alone with my thoughts and maybe a book or something I’m trying to plan on , etc. Look around sometime and you will notice quite a few people that dine alone…for one reason or the other.

  4. I seriously enjoyed reading this
    . As a single lady I enjoyed countless moments eating out alone and just being into myself and now with a family, I still find days to go and eat alone . Always refreshing .

  5. wow! I am someone who used to hate to eat alone, but given the circumstances life ahs put me into, I generally have to eat my dinner alone at home. But I am learning. Your post inspired me 🙂

    Also, I watched first movie alone last month sometime and it wasn’t that difficult either. Actually its great to find peace and comfort in your own company!
    Thanks for writing this post 🙂

    1. Ruma, there is something soothing about enjoying your own company. You have your own private moments and revelations. Know that you are enough and you are fun! Thanks for the comment!

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