@ShashaSelflove 11/10/15 Passion


This one was hard…I stand in the center of the tempest and smile. My moment is preparing me for my arrival.

I am in passion, I ask you to join me –  many people think of the word and immediately place a sexual connotation to it.  In truth passion is a motivator; it is the energy that rolls fire from your heart and into your veins. It pumps through your brain a message of, “get out there and get to it”, with a sense of urgency that knows that your, “get to it”, may be a short term or long term but you need a push, you need a propeller, you need something to make your rise from the ashes of your life and make you angry enough, emotional enough and care enough to say, “ today is a day that I will no longer be stagnant, today is a day that I occupy myself with how and where to get to where I really want to be”. Passion makes today is the day that I’m pissed off and I have to figure out one way or the other how I’m going to get to there.

We are all meant to be somewhere, to be something – some of us know and some of us don’t but standing still and being afraid is not going to get you to where you are trying to get, it is scary. Set aside your fears for fulfillment. Passion pushes and effort is the investment – the more you pursue your passion the more you realize that you have made an investment and the further you go the more debt you have with yourself.

Like I have said, many of us don’t know where we are meant to be or where we are meant to end up, but if something feels or something senses to be the right direction – something has to be done and we have to keep building blocks towards our goal. Either fate or destiny signals and allows for us to know where it is a we are supposed to be or where we’re supposed to end up. We have to continuously look for those signals, look for those messages – they are out there sometimes hidden and sometimes obvious.That is part of the journey, we have to be patient with ourselves so that we don’t lose track in or get there in a hurry and miss out on so many lessons that we have to learn.

This isn’t easy, it is going to test every grain of you, it is going to force you to endure, it is going to ask from more than you knew you had to give but you will draw strength. You have to become emotionally, mentally and physically stronger as part of the entire effort. Don’t allow fear to make you weak, please don’t allow doubters make you lose track, don’t welcome a diversion, pay attention to those that push you toward your goal and to those that are simply trying to distract you from it. They see your greatness, they are aware of your potential and they can’t deal with their own fears, their own issues – hence, they don’t want you to deal with yours because they know once you do, you are going to do great things. They are so scared not only of your success but of your ability that they want to hold you back right where they are and attempt not to allow you to live a life of passion.

We all have a driving force inside of us, whether it be ambition or inspiration – there has to be something that makes you wake up in the morning and begs your attention. Whatever it is becomes the challenge that beckons you to come and conquer it. Leap towards it, sharpen your talons and grab on – you have a journey to go on and it promises to be uncomfortable. Stay in the positive, never forgetting that you are going where you are meant to go, you are getting to a goal that may be great for some but it just for you. Embrace the tears that come along, find joy in the searing pain that seals you and appreciate every lesson that you are taught because that is building a stronger you.

Look towards your inner sun, that item inside you that warms when you think of it. It could be a childhood memory, remembering the face of a loved one or the visualization of your goal. Let that warm your face and give your peace during those moments of tempest. Stay the course and smile, a life of passion has some impressive moments. Big Hug!

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8 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 11/10/15 Passion

  1. Passion is one of my favorite words; struggle is at the deepest core of its meaning. I think if you live a life of passion and compassion, you’re living the best of all possible lives. Great writing!

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