@ShashaSelflove 11/17/15 A Safe Place


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I couldn’t continue to write without recognizing the horrific acts in Paris. I don’t pretend to pontificate about how these acts are an attempt to terrorize the world, they are attempting to control the world through fears – the world isn’t a small village. The attempt to control via terror is an attempt to snuff out hope. We can’t allow that.

So where is it safe?

I would like to say that a safe place is being nestled in the chest of the one you turn to, but not many of us have that so it would be wrong of me to make that a universal qualifier. Would be nice though…

The truth is there are very few safe places and safe people, your options are limited – however, I have to stress the point that you are your safe place.  You make the difference of what decisions you’re making for yourself so you can keep yourself and be protected not only with your decisions, but also what you allow to come into your life both in reference to people and to your thoughts. Thoughts have a powerful way of creating energy and energy draws close either the positive or negative.

Keep yourself safe by being careful not careless about who you keep around you. The people you surround yourself with have to be people that promote your health, promote positivity, listen to you when you need it and speak when you ask. Very hard to find real friends as you get older, but you need more than friends you need confidants. 

We have a variety of people in our lives,  they all serve their purpose. Some are for parties,  others for drinking,  there are those that can travel around the world with you and some you don’t have to leave your couch for because they are sitting right next to you. Creating a group of friends or just having one takes great skill when attempting to have that be your place of safety. They keep your secrets, give you their shoulders to cry on, they let you vent and be crazy, the respect your experience and they don’t judge. You can tell them anything and will love you more for your honesty, they will see how invested you are in the friendship. Just like you, they know that letting go of that pain with each other builds your bond stronger, and that is truly a safe place.

Always remember that no matter where you stand you have the power to be your greatest advocate,  your most sacred temple and your safest place. Big hug!

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