@ShashaSelflove 12/08/15 Vanished


We slip into each other’s lives, a sudden hello with an introduction,  sometimes the name slips our memory – but the smile and words ring between our ears. Why did I meet you? Where is this going? I am compelled to give you my time, but how when I don’t know anything about why you have come into my life. And then there are those of us that don’t want the interaction,  we withdraw from meeting others for so many reasons.

There are some of us that are more lost than others, question is, which one of us truly want to be found?

Are we really walking around lost or are we going to the labyrinth voluntarily?  Some of us don’t necessarily want others to catch up to us, we rather walk in the shadows than allow someone to see our imperfections,  our vulnerabilities and our true selves. “Don’t look for me”, we mumble under our breath but in truth we want someone to come in and grab us. But why?

I talk about the common thread that ties us together often, it is human the experience. Unique to us in our head and easily accessible in our memories we aren’t aware that on a larger acale, many have experienced what we have. Various differences in how dark or light those moments may be, we have more in common than we realize. Experiencing heartache and betrayal is one of those threads, the surging pain, the shock of it all, the negotiating of feelings and thoughts, denial and the palpable emptiness that happens are all experiences that we can relate to. Hence, we all share the link – however,  what we do afterwards doesn’t always ring universal.  Some of us hide, it is easier that way, we don’t want someone else to see us at our most vulnerable state, the place where you are left completely open and exposed. It is scary there, the unknown usually is. Just don’t wait on the sidelines for someone to live life for you, get out there in live.

Would it be so bad to shine by yourself? Do you honestly need someone to rip you out of the darkness or can you some how summon the bravery to pull through without the insisting hand of another? It is scary and for most it doesn’t occur to them that you may not want company. You can go forward on your own, you only need you by your side – keeping in mind that you need to be your biggest critic, advocate and friend. You are made of some pretty amazing stuff, most of the time your attributes and talents lay dormant for no one (not even you) to appreciate.  It takes kicking yourself into high gear and making that brave choice to no longer consider yourself lost but simply on your own path. If you happen to come along someone your journey that wants to join you, you haven’t found each other – you have joined together on your now shared journey.

Get lost with yourself, you aren’t bad company especially when you’ve invested in yourself emotionally, mentally, physically – on the way you have collected smiles and tears, so you make for a very interesting story. Stay Positive, Big Hug!

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