@ShashaSelflove 12/29/15 Cool Hand Luke


I don’t know how Black Jack or Poker works…I just know that you can’t have any “tells” and that you have to bring a lot of money to the table. Other than that, to me, it is a circle of people staring at their hands. So what if you are at that table and you have been given crappy cards? You are already five grand in, stakes are high and you don’t have the option of leaving – what do you do?

Not all of us have been given a good deck of cards, some of us never come up aces. So you only have one option, keep going in the spin cycle of despair or make it work. You take those cards and play them to the best of your ability, don’t double down if you know the odds are against you but don’t fold just because the game is hard. You hold steady, because life isn’t a game of cards, it is what you are living.

Some will say, life gives you lemons so make lemonade. I say, take it up a notch and add tequila – make a margarita and cheers to the challenges that life is presenting you with. There is no possibility of giving up, just make it work and push through because the survivalist in you needs practice. Get upset,  scratch your head, wipe the sweat off your brow and figure out a way to overcome. Unlike at the Black Jack table,  you can show some frustration – either in private or through your resources. You can’t step away from life and you can’t dump your issue on someone else to solve. This is all you.

Sure, it is easy to just not solve the problem.  It is easy to allow the situation to sit in the corner and think that when you get back to it “one day” it will be the same size and the same color. I want you to think of an orange, if you leave an orange in the fridge long enough it dries out, it shrinks and trying to peel or cut it is almost impossible – I can only imagine how it tastes. That is exactly how your challenges/issues are, you leave it in a bin and it will fester into something worse.

I am asking you to live, to take the reigns instead of sitting there and do more than exist.

So let’s get to it. Tap into your resources,  a financial adviser, a priest, prayer, your mom or a friend. Ask questions – don’t gripe, request that people share their experiences with you so you can come up with a solution that best fits you and then actually get to a resolve. Having a pity party isn’t the same as requesting to hear how someone else resolved their matter.

No matter who or what is dealing your cards, I want you to take ownership of the deck. There are 52 cards  (I think) hence, you have 52 opportunities to turn this into a winning game,  sitting there scratching your head while staring at your hands is not an option – making it work is your only chance at turning things around and come out winning. Easy to say, not easy to do, let’s just say I have had many nights where I have stared at my hands. Take the deck and make it yours. Take control of the situation before it is out of your grasp.

So that is your ice, your problem is the lemons and when you finally have overcome, that is your tequila. Cheers! Big hug!

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