@ShashaSelflove 1/19/16 Let Go


Walking away is the toughest thing to do,  but holding on isn’t doing anything for you.  It is taking away from your progress and your peace.

Hence,  it is time to let go of what you think is good for you. Yes, you are attached to it, it has grown on you. The darkness that it has brought to your life seems enchanting, it has entombed you into thinking that you are safe in the grip of cold hands. But you are not safe,  you have become comfortable in resting in a bed made of broken glass. You haven’t noticed that you are bleeding out in your slumber. Time to grab some bandages and stop giving away your life sources – time to show yourself that you aren’t willing to allow something that doesn’t deserve your attention to take away where you are supposed to be.
If it is meant for you, it will find its way back to you – but right now it is dragging you down. It is interrupting your journey, which is waiting for you.

You come into that point in your life where you also have to say, “let go of me”. Yes, there are people, places and things that attempt to hold you from where you are meant to be going. Don’t allow them to. Whether it be a memory of someone that hurt you,  a negative experience or something that is holding you back – you need to end its time in your life by simply dropping it. Sounds easy, but it is not. 

Continuing your journey is an important step towards obtaining your fulfillment.  Not letting go of those entities that hold you back or hold you down can only lead to a diversion in the wrong direction. It isn’t a complete waste, there are lessons in the experience itself. Let go and let me go! I send a big hug!

Share and Comment! Follow on IG, Twitter & Pinterest @ShashaSelflove and on WorldPress@ShashaSelflove

Share and Comment! Follow on IG, Twitter & Pinterest @ShashaSelflove and on WorldPress@ShashaSelflove


9 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 1/19/16 Let Go

    1. Life is strange, it is interesting how we somehow find comfort in something that is painfully uncomfortable. We get used to the abuse, the cold and the wrong they are inflicting on us. Let go!

  1. Absolutely! Each and every day, there are already endless things to concentrate on — things we must focus on, things we CAN work to improve. I give the rest to Jesus! (And then I have a drink and a cookie.) 🙂

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