@ShashaSelflove 1/26/16 Still Here


You have remained patient, loyal in your wait for them to finally figure out that you have been standing there this entire time. But what happens when you realize that you are still here, waiting for something that may never happen, the realization is crushing but once you get over it – there is something else that comes to view.

Why have you made yourself available and exclusive to someone that hasn’t valued your gift of love, loyalty and trust? You have made yourself perfect for them, but you are not satisfied with yourself. I want you to realize that not only are you beyond valuable for someone else, but you are of value to you. No more waiting for someone to discover how awesome you are, no more begging for the attention of someone who isn’t smart enough to see a good thing right in front of them and no more putting yourself on hold because you are hoping that they will see your true heart. Why won’t they see you? Who knows!?

Maybe it is their own insecurities, trust issues or situations that you are not aware of.  But it is time to no longer allow them to have your time and attention, because whether they know it or not – they have hurt you. How so? You are still there, wasting time and opportunities, hoping that they will recognize your patience. But instead they absolved themselves of any responsibility to your feelings, remember they don’t see you – they see around you, above you and even through you, but they don’t look down at their hands and see your heart in their clutch. And since they don’t appreciate you, guess what, you are going to take your heart, time and dedication and put it back in your pocket. Save it there for what the right person comes along and sees what you have to offer before you give it to them.

Self love is about appreciating your talents and qualities, being aware that your gifts are only for those that have earned them and if you are to give someone any of your offerings – they have to be worthy of such. Love yourself more than you will ever love anyone else. It sounds selfish at first, in all honesty it isn’t. It is self preservation on several levels and several fronts. Because your journey is far from over and you are going to need all of your parts so that you can enjoy your destination.

You are going to have a multitude of mixed emotions on taking back your attributes, guilt being the most prevalent of those feelings. Rest assured that your self worth is not defined by anyone but you and the attributes you have are your armor for your battles, hence don’t give away your battle gear – you have earned them. It is going to get better, Big Hug!

Special thank you to Marlene, we are warriors!

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