@ShashaSelflove 2/16/16 The Dark Passenger


A few years ago, I heard the term “dark passenger” on the Dexter series. It was something that didn’t leave me, the term that is – what is it that is riding around with you? It could be a person, a trauma, an experience or a conflict. You carry everywhere you go and it is to heavy a load.

There is a passenger in the car, you know how to drive but they are the one giving you directions. You don’t really see them – their physicality isn’t there, but their presence is heavily noted. What did they give you? What did they leave you with? Like clouds in a night storm, you try to see through to the sky but you can’t – their shadow continues to cover you. You have trusted them to guide you, you had no choice. They became your eyes because you only saw them, the blood that flowed through your heart only turned red when they are present, your ears ring deaf because when you leaned your head to their chest to listen to their heartbeat there was no sound and your lungs could only be filled with their breath, nothing else was good enough – or did you just get used to the toxicity?

Your dark passenger was to be satisfied, regardless and you willingly obliged. For your devotion was nothing but a demonstration of your dedication and how there was nothing you could do to stop yourself. Whereas your dark passenger revealed themselves in short spurts, just to pull you in – to enchant you into a calm, hypotic and submissive state. You revealed it all, your spirit was free and welcoming, there were no clouds in your night sky. You illuminated the sky and twinkled along with the stars. The two opposite energies created a magnetic force that pulled into one another, their darkness was attracted to the twinkle of your light and the mystery of their cloak intrigued you beyond restraint.  Both had no choice but to explore each other’s world but now that you have gone to far into their world you try to pull away but their gale force winds keep pulling you back in. They are always the storm that darkens the sky, the clap of thunder that splits up above and the smell of sulfar is what you now crave. Do you give in completely and allow their hurricane to carry you away or do you stand still in the eye of the storm? 

You are a hurricane yourself, thunder and force that can decimate like no other. You can take back by showing your dark shadow the twinkle of the stars and how you hang up in the sky twinkling too. Your shadow can cast light on their woe, your storm can open the skies with rain to wash away their gloom – your aftermath invites them to join you to sparkle on the sky.

If they can’t, then it is time to pull over – it is time to drop your dark passenger off.

Why carry something around when it serves you no purpose than to detract you from your true potential, to fill you with so much self doubt that you question your self worth. Nothing can have that much power over you, if it does it is to lift you up and to bridge you to the next level in your journey.  The path is already filled with obstacles that will make you break a sweat, that will make you question the very reason you exist – don’t add to your burdens, please break free of them. Stand still in the eye of your own hurricane,  calculating your own path. Have the courage to rise above excuses for keeping the passenger along for a free ride or end up getting swept away by the force of their storm. Big hug.

Share and Comment! Follow on IG, Twitter & Pinterest @ShashaSelflove and on WorldPress@ShashaSelflove

Share and Comment! Follow on IG, Twitter & Pinterest @ShashaSelflove and on WorldPress@ShashaSelflove


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