@ShashaSelflove 3/01/16 Stand Still


Sometimes it isn’t running, jumping or treading that makes the difference.  Sometimes you have to stop, take in, reflect and analyze so you can calm the storm.

You will be in constant movement through most of your life,  you toss and turn on your sleep, wake up and run to work,  go from office to lunch,
When we are confronted with a situation, we have the choice of becoming swept up by the situation or allowing ourselves to process it in waves. There is no doubt that we all have our storms to weather, at times it is a passing cloud and at other times it is a tsunami – running for cover is optional. Standing in the storm and processing why you are experiencing this, where it came from and how to recover from it is an option as well.

While you are being beaten in the face with hail, you have to ask yourself why you aren’t covering yourself to prevent any further pain. You stand there, willingly – almost volunteering for the abuse you are experiencing. How did you end up in a situation where you have been made to be the recipient of such poor treatment? Don’t you deserve better? Once you realize that circumstances have placed you in this position, you must come into the understanding that you don’t have one problem…you have two. The first being that you are being treated in a way that isn’t fair, you are deserving of being (fill in the blank) loved, respected, cherished, appreciated, heard, etc., and not having that from the people or situations in your life is something that you have to rectify before moving on. Carrying dead weight serves you no greater purpose, it simply slows you down from where you are trying to get. The second problem that is created is that those entities that are mistreating you are going to be upset that you are finally calling them on their behavior. All this time, you have passively allowed them the opportunity to show you who they really are. Now that you really see them, you are ready to cut them loose and they can’t handle it.

 It may be a little surprising for you to learn that you have also gotten used to being treated poorly. You may feel out of sorts, what is this new feeling/thought people are showing me? Where I am from we called it respect, the kids in your neighborhood might call it that as well. Hence, take a moment, breathe deeply because you are going to hit the pause button on a lot of circumstances in your life and things are going to go flying in every direction because of inertia. Let things land where they have to, don’t pick anything up. As you stand still look around and see what is worth moving forward with. You will have some separation anxiety, but what you are making room for is well worth it.

This is going to have its crashing moments, especially when you show certain things the door. They are going to want to continue to be in your life, demand it even. But no more, you are free of them and their tyranny.  This is going to be hard but so very worth it, stand still – take it in and be free to proceed. Big Hug.

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Share and Comment! Follow on IG, Twitter & Pinterest @ShashaSelflove and on WorldPress@ShashaSelflove

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