@ShashaSelflove 3/10/16 Come Here

We put out into our world the focus of what we want and what we seek to be. As so many entities call our attention and pull us towards them, we do the same. Whether it be good or bad, positive,  negative,  mild or explosive we send out a powerful message, “Come Here”, to what seeks to get close to us. Be careful what you pull towards yourself,  it isn’t always what is best.

We all talk circumstances into are lives, it is what psychology professionals call the “self fulfilling prophecy”, unconsciously or purposefully we are going towards the disaster not knowing that our steps are leading us to it, our words are filtering it into our system, seeping into our intentions and when we get there we are surprised. We shouldn’t be because we have allowed this to linger around, loitering in the vestibule of our mind. Don’t invite destructive forces into your lives by saying, “Come Here” to them – develop the discernment to recognize and identify what is around you so that you can kick it out of your life.

Create your environment,  welcome positive energy and productive efforts that will take you to your goals.  Revisit your plans frequently to make sure you aren’t going in the opposite direction. You have so much to offer and so little time that a diversion may be okay for a moment but not take you completely off track. Seek out people who can edify your life and can add to your mission.

The “Come Here” has to be an invitation to the project you have at hand, which is building a better you – brick by brick. Those that contribute must be inspected for quality,  sturdiness and purpose. Love yourself enough to allow good brick layers into your life, friendship is the mortar and you are the project manager. How high your sky scraper goes is up to you, how long this project is going to take depends of how much attention to detail you want to give this,  love yourself enough to use materials of the best quality to have a durable a reliable product in the end. Love yourself enough not to allow anyone to fool you and don’t fool yourself either. 

What you attract into your life when you say come here will be unpredictable,  what you do when it shows up makes all the difference. Big hug!

A big thank you to Lakenya for always reminding me, “What you speak into your life, will show up”. Thanks Kenya!

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Share and Comment! Follow on IG, Twitter & Pinterest @ShashaSelflove and on WorldPress@ShashaSelflove


12 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 3/10/16 Come Here

    1. Hmm…toe, there is a difference between adventure, getting to know new and exciting people and then there is the addition of negative, draining people to your life. We all have to explore what is available for us, always making sure we are not being taken for a ride. Have fun!

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