@ShashaSelflove 3/17/16 Booked Together

So it is always about keeping negative and draining forces out of your life, no problem and understood. So what about what we have in our lives that is going right? You don’t want to be that friend that everyone reading the previous blog is stepping away from.

We have some amazing people in our lives – they makes us laugh, they ground us, they give us the hugs that we need, they remind us that everything is going to be fine and they are always willing to have ice cream with us for lunch. Take some time to let them know how much you appreciate them. They listen when you really need them to, you know those moments that you don’t even want to be there but you are telling them about the 15th jerk in your life and how you almost had to call them to bail you out of jail…yup, that friend deserves a big high five! And a beer!

So how do we acquire such amazing people in our lives?  Hmm…that is tricky,  because we could be great to others and that doesn’t necessarily mean others will be good to us. To the contrary,  it seems like the better we are to others the worse others are to us. We have to sift through the process of getting to know those that are coming into our lives and why. Why are you here in my life right now? If you notice that you aren’t satisfied with the interaction that you are having with this person, why are you continuing to allow them to rain on your parade at every opportunity?

Good friends are supportive and real, they aren’t “yes” people in your life. They won’t allow you to make mistakes without being lectured. And you won’t be able to call them to bail you out, you’ll be in the jail cell of life together – either laughing or crying together, but together!

Never take advantage of the gift that you have in being surrounded by good people in your life. You all exist for one another, in drinks, drought and drain. We have to take time and reflect on how lucky we are to have a cast of characters around us to love and love us back. We build a team of amazing friends by being an amazing friend and to those that can’t appreciate that, bye bye. Have a little bit of everything on your team, always remembering that you are the star player. You have the line up, you have the stadium, you have the referees and of course the fans! But you manage it all by being responsible with your time and considerate with your attention. Good friends are so very hard to come by, so when you have them preserve that relationship with everything you have and remind yourself to thank them for everything that they do! Big hug!

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