@ShashaSelflove 3/22/16 Swim To Me

Photo Credit: David Allen davidallenblog.worldpress.com

Every once in a while in traveling through this long journey, we take the time to dip our feet into the water. Toes wiggle in the cooling waves, liquid pruning skin as they rest gently in the ebb and flow, floating limbs don’t know what else is hovering in the water – they just float. Whatever swims around in your waters will either pass on through or will notice you there. You can stay still and let the water swirl around you or you can kick around and create your own wave. The rocks aren’t submerged in the water yet the water rises up to reach it, the rocks could fall in or they can remain there – allowing the waves to bring back the water and all it has to offer. There is some peace in giving fate the opportunity to bring what is meant to come into your life, “Swim to me” certain things are supposed to find you, let them.

We pursue so much in life, new job, romantic interests, car upgrade or a challenge that may catch your glance. It is good to have projects in motion, plans laid out and to be generally busy. Stagnant waters allow pollutants to settle in, clouding clarity and killing organisms that come into its reach. But there is what you can’t pursue, what isn’t for you to build – because it is being built for you. Something or someone out there is being challenged, improved, they have cried behind closed doors wondering why they are going through their trials and wondering when they are going to find you. Life is preparing them to be better and perfect for you and life is teaching you to be patient.

It is all a mystery how everything seems to happen right when it is supposed to, how the pieces of the puzzle finally are together so you can see the full picture. If you decide to take on the role of pushing things according to your time table, you end up forcing pieces of the puzzle together – they don’t fit. You end up having a portrait of confusion and tension, what ever it is that you are trying to make fit just doesn’t. They may have been perfect in another time and place, but if it isn’t the right time for the both of you – it just isn’t going to work.

I know that this may sound confusing, coming from me – I am usually the one taking the bull by the horns and although that has helped me overcome some obstacles, I have had a hard lesson in learning to allow what is fated to swim to me. (Let’s just say I have had many a tissue and blushed cheeks.) I didn’t know how to let the water rise to me, instead I just jumped in and instead of swimming I sank to the bottom, learning a valuable lesson.

We have all been there, our impatience gets the best of us and we can only see bits of the end result without realizing that we are missing essential parts that make the entire piece sustainable. If there is something that you want, patience is a solid foundation for your long term endeavors. There is a certain art to standing in your own time, many will see it as passive but it is very aggressive when you think of the battle within. You fight steadily against taking actions to further your goals, you recognize that your meddling is going to ruin the end result. You purposefully keep yourself busy knowing that you are learning new skills for when your time is right. You don’t remain stagnant even though many think you aren’t doing anything with your time. “What is he waiting for?!”, many will ask – you are wise enough to know that you are being prepared for something great and it is headed straight towards you. You grow more patient each day, you add more tools to your skill set and you smile at the state of peace you have acheived.

Allow the calm current to flow – bringing with it what is meant to swim to you, let the water to cool your feet and patience rule in your life. It will be worth it. Big hug!


4 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 3/22/16 Swim To Me

  1. Great post! It is difficult to balance aggressively pursuing your dreams with waiting for the right time, especially in our microwave society where we want everything immediately or sooner.

    1. Kay, I love the phrase “microwave society” it is so appropriate to help describe how much we want instant results. The issue with charging towards a “want” is that we are taking things on prematurely, ruining the end result. Think of fruit, if it isn’t ripe – your stomach is ruined. Kind of the same concept with goals. Thanks so much for checking in!

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