@ShashaSelflove 3/24/16 Detox


It is Spring, flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, heavy coats are being put away and allergies are abound! Spring is also a time where we clean out the closet and the attic,  so with that in mind – let’s go ahead and detox our lives.

This isn’t a one time practice, every year or two it is perfectly healthy to stop and look at what you have collected along the way. You can see that your accumulations have variety to them as well as heft, as you peel away the layers you will see that a lot of this has to go, but how to choose?

Detox your thoughts. We bring so much anxiety and negativity into our brains that is stays there. We stop looking at the bright side,  we talk about the half empty glass or we don’t talk about what is going well. Our thoughts can trigger us into being motivated to overcome our obstacles or to be run over by them. Push yourself to get your thoughts in check when they surface, it can have a huge influence on your outlook and how you go about your goals.

Detox your home. That closet, attic, pile in the corner, pictures of your ex or layer of dust collecting on the shelves – please get it together. Order in your home leads to calmer thoughts as well as order in your head. If you need to find a friend who seems organized or neat, tap into their expertise about how to get things straight.

Detox your friends.  Yup, that’s right, I said it. Get rid of anyone that lies to you, disrespects you, uses you, puts you down or doesn’t respect your time. The company you keep has to be a supportive and motivational group of people or one person. The size is irrelevant,  as long as they support your hustle,  your venture and your vision.  This isn’t about keeping “yes” people around you, this is about keeping people around you who are faithful, loyal and positive. I struggle when I see my friends keep negative people around them, I see how they are being weighed down, I’ll say something once or twice – after that I have to let them come into their own truth.  I see your potential,  I see how you can get there and I cheer you on. But that’s me. How good are your friends to you? Sweep, sweep!

Detox your job. Recently I had to deal with this, I had to sit someone down and I tried to explain it 100 different ways until I had to say it in plain English, “I need you to leave me alone”, easy enough right? Nope. Coworkers – like family are the people in your life your can’t pick. No matter where you work, there is always going to be one, that one person that is just impossible. What do you do? You can sit them down and explain what it is about their behavior that you have trouble with. You can speak to your supervisor and so on. What ever the protocol is, follow it, but at the end of the day don’t stay quiet because you are going to sit there stressed out and no one will know about it. Once you say your peace, walk away and keep away. Eventually they will get it, or not – you got it off your chest.

Detox. Whatever else you need to do to “clean house”, do it. Have order in your life is like waking up and making your bed, it is neat and done and now you can move on to your next task. Some of these are going to be tricky, patience and deep breaths. Big hug!

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12 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 3/24/16 Detox

  1. Wow. This is a great piece of writing ‘shot from the hip’ as it were. Thank you for sharing your light and your words of wisdom.

    1. HI K’lee, it definitely was shooting from the hip! I thought I would share what I have learned, maybe it will help someone! Thanks for the comment!

      1. It helped me, so the thanks and blessings go back to you. I’m certain your message will touch lots more before the day is done…

  2. Excellent advice, dear. All too often we allow toxic things and people to harm our lives. It hurts and it sucks when it’s people we love, but if we wouldn’t take abuse from strangers, we shouldn’t allow it from friends and family, either. DNA doesn’t give one a license to be toxic to another. Big hug back!

    1. Agreed Vanessence, it is one of those things that we have to face constantly. Who do I show the door to? There is a way to distance people without creating an enemy in the process, with family that is very hard because there is an assumed level of comfort. But done with skill, you can be free of their abuse and nonsense. All the best and thank you for your comment!!

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