@ShashaSelflove 3/31/16 Ready for War


Bloody war by KeyCiKyou

Nobody ever drowned in sweat, truth is sometimes we don’t even break one. You came to the battle line, ready to go and your opponent didn’t even bother to gear up. Why did they take the time to come?

Every day is a preparation for the next battle, the next challenge that is grinning back at you. Teeth barely showing in its twisted smile, but the fight ahead is always sharpening the knife. Are you willing to be ready? You are being given the tools, the life lessons, the lumps to get stronger and wiser. But we don’t always take the lessons, we complain through it and then wonder why that happened. No my love, relish in your pain – you are being put through this challenge so that you can come out with one more tool in your belt. Break a sweat, come to the battle line ready and first.

Grin wisely, recognizing that what is happening isn’t by chance and appreciating that fate has taken the time to teach you something you may have not known before. Stop asking “why is this happening to me?”, instead meditate on, “what am I being taught?”. Nothing is happenstance; coincidence is for those that don’t see the intelligent design. Life is enlightening you, hence allow yourself to be instructed.

I am not saying that there isn’t going to be pain in battle, you are going to get cut and bones may be broken. But scars are reminders of what we had to go through, badges of honor that help us never forget how far we have come. Those wounds aren’t always visible to others, there is no “you see this hole in my chest, that is where she took my heart in the bad break up of ‘86”, but you see them when you look into your eyes in the reflection in the mirror. Your scars pull at you when they sense they may be reopened, make sure you pay attention.

This one had to be short, today was filled with a prayer answered. Big Hug!

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