@ShashaSelflove 4/05/16 Don’t Look Back


Going through the many, many pages in your head you may cringe at the mistakes you have made. It is almost like watching a bloopers reel of all the trips, slips and face plants. Reminiscing is one thing but staying stuck on the past is only clouding your vision for the future. You have so much to do, incredible events are waiting for you and focusing on what you no longer can do anything about is hindering you dramatically. You made your mistakes, it may have served as a lesson or a blessing, don’t stay stranded there.  Just don’t look back, you aren’t going that way.

Someone contacted me the other day, “Why do you write about self love?”, he argued that the blog focused on being self centered and self serving.  I am in NYC, my state of mind is usually in a hurry and half asleep, so I did my best to answer him clearly. Self love isn’t some conceited, self centered,  self absorbed way of thinking. It is a point of inflection, in that you have to achieve an enlightenment that helps you realize that through loving yourself – you can actually love others better. It is self serving – in that those who struggle to love themselves and accept their errors also struggle with the past. Some people can just shrug their shoulders and chalk up an experience to just that, an experience. They move on and don’t give it another thought. But others look back and nod their heads, they aren’t able to forget the pain, they are still questioning motives and can’t forgive themselves. I further explained that self love is a manifestation that has its roots in consideration,  humility and respect.  Hence, I answered the best way I could and informed my inquisitive opponent that assuming that all think and process the same way is in fact narrow minded and self absorbed. He wasn’t happy, but that isn’t my role in his life. Not sorry.

Thus, when we look forward to our plans, we have a treasure chest of events, thoughts, experiences and emotions to draw from. Some happy and some not so happy, all were meant to occur in your life so that you can build a strong fort where you can house your strength and build a better you everyday. Staying stumped is deterring you from being able to continue to build. There are so many storms to weather and staying stuck is going leave you with no fort, no roof and no plan. Why allow this to happen?

Learn the lessons your experiences in the past took the time to teach you, don’t beat yourself up that they didn’t turn out how you wanted them to, known that all of this has been preparation for the future and that it isn’t all bad. I am not a religious person, but one verse sums up this blog perfectly: The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming, Romans 8:18. Big hug!

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14 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 4/05/16 Don’t Look Back

    1. Kelley! Awesome hearing from you! Thank you so much for checking in girl! Self love turns into love for others, we have to nurture ourselves first. Nothing wrong with that!

  1. Life has really given me a beating, but I am so determined. Sometimes I do feel tired and defeated. I beat myself up for the mistakes that I’ve made, but my Sasha Fierce’s words hit home that these are lessons that I needed to learn. I am going to try to enjoy the journey more.

    1. Fsquared, thank you for the comment. Life gets hard sometimes, but we can add to it by beating ourselves up when we are already taking a beating. You can’t change te past and there are not mistakes, just lessons! Big hug!

  2. There is self love and then there is self-centered love. Perhaps your friend got the two mixed up. Self love is pure and authentic, straight from Spirit, while self-centered love springs from the ego. You have a lovely, positive, uplifting blog. Thanks for visiting and following mine!

    1. Perhaps he did, the ego can betray us in so many facets. Thank you for reading the blog, I really appreciate it! Keep the comments coming!

  3. Do I have a message here? I suppose my only thought is ‘don’t set your standards/aims/ambitions too high, because you are always ultimately going to meet with disappointment which you can too easily direct at yourself.

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