@ShashaSelflove 4/12/16 Breaking Through


Photo Credit: David Allen davidallenblog.worldpress.com

Here we are, on the precipice of the rock – you can see the clearing in front of you, finally we have gotten to a goal. You bled to get here,  you sweated your heart out, sleepless nights consumed you, days spent obsessing and hands diligently whittling a way towards this moment.  Your nerves are shot, you are having a hard time taking it in as it was so far and now it is right in your hands. As the adrenaline surges through your veins, allow yourself a moment to appreciate the scene and realize that you have had a break through. Let the dizziness subside, your heart rate is scary fast because that last bit of panic is setting in,  you jealously guard your rightfully gotten gains. So now what?

Well, like a good Taurus I am always thinking of the next step and my next goal – my ambitious nature gets the best of me sometimes. As graceful as an earthquake,  I quickly forget the how agonizing it was to get there. I stopped myself this time, I reminded her to savour this moment. She worked so hard and painstakingly carved away at the latest goal, only to get there and immediately think about the next move on this massive checkerboard. No, my hands hurt, my eyes are bloodshot,  the bags under my eyes give testimony of my devotion to this, the pain that has developed from tension wears me to exhaustion, now that I am here – I am going to allow myself to sink in, like cream clouding into dark coffee – everything is lighter in color yet richer in texture. So that is my “what now?”, moment – I am forcing myself to take in this amazing,  hand painted view.

The picture that I chose for this blog is the Brooklyn Bridge, my favorite place in the world. The symbolism for me is very appropriate at this time – midway through the bridge, you walk over the Hudson and realize the force of the water and the strength of the towers holding this monument together.  It is all in the anchorage, the wires coiled tight, all stiffened in the truss. Remind you of anyone? Anything? Once you cross the center you are able to appreciate the other side so much more, you don’t see Brooklyn right away,  it disappears into the water and the traffic beneath the wooden floor boards of the bridge assures you that there is land coming up ahead. You turn along the curvature of the bridge and there it is, downtown Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the Jazz brother of Punk Rock Manhattan, it makes noise and buzzes all day and night – but there is something much richer, earthy about Brooklyn.

Hence,  once you have crossed over to the other side you slow down a little and allow your senses to, well, sense. Look, feel, touch, listen and smell. You don’t know how much time you will have until the hurried pace of life pulls you back to the race, so delight in the breakthrough and look forward to the next one. Thoroughly enjoying my stillness, I am having chocolate cake with my coffee – in Queens. Big Hug!

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2 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 4/12/16 Breaking Through

  1. Beautifully descriptive – New York is one of the saddest omissions in my life so far. Places I’ve wanted to see and never seen. But – as you advocate – all the senses. And BTW that bridge bastion is very similar, on a much bigger scale, to Brunel’s Clifton suspension bridge over the Avon Gorge in Bristol, UK.

    1. So sorry it’s taken me this long to reply to you Frederick, New York is here and waiting for you right now is the best time of the year has the weather is breaking it’s nice and warm. Trying to travel is difficult but it’s one of those things that you pay for and it pays you back, take care!

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