@ShashaSelflove 4/19/16 No, Inc.


It has come to this point, you tried avoiding it but that only made the issue worse. Waiting for the issue to die down has caused your once tropical storm to turn into a category 5 hurricane and now the destruction begins. Sticking up for yourself isn’t so hard once you get the hang of it, baby steps and no apologies for it either.  Society has attempted to train us into thinking that we are supposed to say yes to everything, that we are to go with the flow and resisting is equivalent to being antisocial. Not true, it is just that industries have been created based on the assumption that you will say yes, their profit margins depend on you giving into whatever it is that they are trying to convince you of. “Buy this, go here, click “like”, follow this because it will make you feel better, YOLO!”  Think of every holiday, what is the first thing you see on the shelves? Candy. There is the assumption that candy has to be a part of every sentiment and celebrations, if you don’t then you are coming up short on your demonstration of the festivities. Making you feel guilty and inadequate is a way to manipulate you into thinking that you are a better person if you give in. My question is: A better person for who?

Stop and think, is all this nonsense actually edifying my life? Is saying yes just to pacify everything around me actually making me less peaceful? So many entities both personal and professional depend on you giving in, that family member that is always crossing boundaries to the supervisor that asks so much more of you than of others, because you are the dependable one. You have that power of saying “No”, not to be mean or difficult but you deserve room to breathe just like everyone else.  There is no giving in just to go along to get along, your palette is different you and you are not obliged to like what everyone else likes or wants to do.

Bank on your own preference, whatever that may be. Become your own industry and a better person for yourself. Rest in the fact that you have given yourself every opportunity to invest in the tools that will help you power through the challenges up ahead. Invest in No, Inc. – a personal and for-profit company that will pay you with dividends in Wisdom, Self Respect, Self Love and all the other benefits your seek to obtain from it. 

You never know who is watching and receiving inspiration from you, they seek to do that same and haven’t given themselves that chance. It takes bravery and I would like to think that your bravery is the imprint that you will leave others by sitting as the CEO of No, Inc., your sustainable product is inspiration and example.  It isn’t going to be easy, but anything worth having is worth the fight. There will be attempts at hostile take overs, especially when those that have gotten used to getting “Yes” all the time, realize that you have an opinion and are the most valuable stake holder in your life.  Your profits margins will be the subject of many internal arguments as you are both CEO and Treasurer. Like I said before, you are the shareholder and this is for your benefit, there is no guilt in that.

Invest Responsibly. Big Hug!

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