@ShashaSelflove 4/26/16 Memory Serves You


The challenges of daily life whether they be immediate or planned prepare you for what you are going through. What the real issue is that you have already overcome so much, it isn’t like you have been living under a rock.You have been able to maneuver through crisis and during these times that you find yourself in such a dark place, in a one of those places where you can’t seem to find the solution – jog your memory, it will remind you that you have faced down and that you have the strength to face what you are dealing with now. How did you forget?

Life gets rough sometimes, we are collapsed in the middle of the room – hands on your thighs, shirt wet from sweat and tears. A field of emotions run through you as if a locomotive has slipped its breaks as it rips from one side of your chest to another, how could you forget those moments? You persevered and you are still here, alive and kicking – the memory of your struggle and your thriving afterward have to motivate you in those moments when you think you aren’t going to be able to overcome the situation that is in front of you.

When I think of my struggles, I certainly don’t think that I am being molded, there is no mold that I was poured into and then popped out of. Pain this profound is life carving at us, as the knife scrapes layer after layer – hurt this deep undoubtedly feels like there is a sharp object drilling a tunnel in your chest. Things get dark, murky vision casts shadows that aren’t really there – they are attempts to distract and confuse you. Allow yourself to process the moment, grant a chance to your heart and mind to purge the flood of emotions that you are seeking to figure out and in your stillness think. Think back to when you were in the state of mind once before, what happened? What did you do afterwards? Is it the same or a different subject? Is it the same people or someone new? What happened? How did you play a part in all this? Is this the first (second, third) time this person does this to you? What is the plan to power through this? So now what?

Don’t allow yourself to stay in emotional arrested development, in that you stay stuck in that pain. Staying stuck is allowing fear to stop you from getting over the situation, it is also denying you the opportunity to try again. This happens often in matters of the heart, the floor falls out from under you and what seemed like that answer to all your dreams turns out to be your worst nightmare. Your arms only hold you, the person that once was housed in your embrace has cut their way out your through chest while you held them so close. Don’t remain trapped in their abandon, in their giving you away – tightened your arms a little more to soothe yourself and welcome a new experience. Allow your memory to save you in these moments and from these experiences.

Never forget the resources you already have for the situations that approach you. Big hug!

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9 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 4/26/16 Memory Serves You

  1. Great word! Happy Birthday my friend! You give so much thru writing and we appreciate your gift. As you day unfolds, I pray we can give to you as you give to us; your readers!
    Milehigh Mindset

    1. Thank you so much D! I appreciate your lovely birthday wishes and can’t wait to celebrate with you! Big hug!

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