@ShashaSelflove 5/10/16 Grit


I can’t stop now, I am not done. Your body tells you to stop,  sweat pours down your back, you can feel your heart pulsating in your head but you still have so much fight left in you. You aren’t done when the lights turn down – you are done when you did what you came to do.

I was offered a conversation about grit, about having the tenacity to persevere past all that is thrown at you and not allowing it to make you quit,  to stand up and take every blow life has to offer. We have all had that moment, if you haven’t – get ready. That moment where you take on the task of pushing yourself in the direction you are meant to be in. The odds push against you, life asking you “how badly do you want to it?”, what do you answer?  To answer at all seems to be a waste of energy.  Show yourself how much you want it, put your best attributes on display. Don’t be afraid to be tenacious. As some would say, Peacock for the crowd – once you have their attention, keep it. Make yourself expert in what you are doing and don’t you dare allow the insecurity of others filter itself into your world. Their lack of purpose has no space in your canvas.

Be warned, you are going to fall. But those that get back up are so much wiser than those that never do. Wipe the dirt off your chin, get back to the drawing board, learn what you did wrong and go for it. You want this, don’t you? Well then don’t take no for an answer,  if one door shuts in your face go onto to the next door. You will perfect your pitch through trial and practice,  until the door that is supposed to open (and stay open) welcomes you in.

Grit is not cracking under pressure but thriving in it. Smile when the screws tighten, when those that don’t know about your fire doubt you. When they don’t see that your silence is wisdom and all you are doing is observing for their weaknesses. Grit is knowing that their is no shame is sweat, no glory without pain and no effort without envy. Grit is going forward anyway, finding strength even when people try to make you weak. Keep going,  you got this! Big hug!

A very special thank you to Richard, my trainer and motivator!

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