@ShashaSelflove 5/24/16 Purpose


  1. You gauge your life by your purpose. You can’t go somewhere you’re not heading.
  2. Don’t confuse your passion and your lust. Passion is geared toward purpose. Lust and your wants and desires.
  3. Testing yourself will only make you stronger. You can’t arrive anywhere without being tested. Tests are designed to make you stronger – not to destroy you.

Al Sharpton – FCBC, 5/22/16

The last person I expected to receive such a profound inspiration from is Rev. Al Sharpton, I haven’t always agreed with his manner or his politics. But that is the great thing about the truth, it is free of its author, it has liberty from interpretation – it just stands on its own.

Hence, what is your purpose? Where does it come from? More than likely you are heading straight towards it and you may not even be aware. Fate lines up the path, destiny arms you and if you aren’t sure what is happening – check in and see that your purpose has slowly been taking shape whether you understand it or not. You can try to fight it, a stuttering introvert will fight off being a public speaker but there is no fighting destiny. You can stumble in or be dragged towards it, but that is where you are going to end up. What you do with you purpose is on you. In that you can have all the tools you need, all the talent, everything in place but if you stand quietly in the crowd your purpose will expire within you. As it was birthed to flourish inside of you, thrive within your veins – the strength of your resistance will cut off the oxygen of your purpose and make it wither and die.

This isn’t something casual, you will be tested beyond measure because you need to be. Many opponents will take extra measure to tear you down, to discourage you from your focus. Regardless of who or what may come – fate will not let you go. You have an intelligent design, between your DNA and your journey you are being fastened further and further towards your purpose. Life is amazing that way. That heartache that kept you crying at night was put in your life to teach you so many lessons. That job that you didn’t land wasn’t for you because it was going to reroute your fate in the wrong direction. You are building a better you, brick by brick – with a foundation built on character and passion. Something that strong takes time to be tempered, because it has to withstand so much more.

Do not lust your purpose, it isn’t an adulterated capricious tantrum. This isn’t for what you want – your wants have no place in the list of your needs. You are not propelled by desire, which is temporary and frivolous. Wants do not flow through your veins, warming your soul and invigorating your heart. Wants simply satisfy for the moment, leaving you empty shortly after you have acquired them. This has nothing to do with your purpose, just impressive instances that serve to release the stress of it all – you must stay on task.

Tests make you stronger, they are designed to test your metal. Simply stated, without the test you will never be ready for the next brick in your foundation. Fault lines exist because the base is uneven, tests on your journey provide just that – solid affirmation that you are bring set forth to do amazing things because you have withstood incredible circumstances. Many will come against you, take the experience as one of many tests. They will try to drag you and your name through the dirt in an effort to keep you on their level, let them try – you go on and persevere. Head held high, smile on the corner of your lips, you know why this is happening and it will bring you peace.

Keep going, your steps will plant seeds to blossom up ahead. Big hug!

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6 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 5/24/16 Purpose

    1. Big hug Earnestlydebra, I needed to read this message to myself. Life can get insane somedays. People really try to drag you down, don’t let their nonsense take you away from your purpose!

    1. Ashutosh Tilak thank you so much! I was told I was a very bad writer in high school so it is always a surprise when someone compliments my writing. I am grateful for your comment and checking out the blog!

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