@ShashaSelflove 5/31/16 Held High


Your goals are worth achieving when you know that they serve a greater purpose. Along the way you are going to make mistakes, some mistakes will make your head spin and others will make you think that you have thrown all of your hard work away. But no one is perfect, don’t beat yourself up so bad that you can’t recover from yourself. Anyone that shames you for making a mistake will be thoroughly reminded of their status as a human – karma has a way of making the playing field even.  So now that someone close to you tried to knock you down, now that you are bloody from the blows, now that you see they weren’t your friend to start with, where do we go from here? You get up and dust yourself off – nurse you wounds and hold your head up high. Did you earn this physical/emotional/psychological beating or were you impacted by the blow from an ungrateful parasite that you didn’t notice was attempting to suck your ambition out of you? Shoulders back and clear your throat, cold shower to alarm your senses, groom more than usual, smile or hard face it and don’t stay down. You have things to get done and promises to yourself to keep, the world and especially your enemies need to buckle up.

Why is it that people think that they can take your good intentions and drag them into the dirt they live in? No idea. I really wish I had a definite answer, I suppose that they want don’t want anyone to reach the level of fulfillment that they cannot achieve. The either have blocked themselves with self doubt or self loathing or don’t see their own potential. Somethings don’t have a broad stroke explanation, some people are just dedicated to pulling others down. There is nothing to do except continue to live your life as best as you can, not being hurtful or playing into their hand. Hold your head high, knowing that you have tried your best and you are not going to throw dirt at anyone. You have to simply demonstrate that your path is steady and unwavering.

Don’t let your setbacks block opportunities for your future, a bad relationship doesn’t mean that the next one is going to be bad. A bad job doesn’t mean you are stuck there forever. There are good people out there who have intentions of cheering you on and treating you well, they have been hurt as well and they are still pushing through – allow them in. Come from a place of humility and let them teach you that life isn’t all hate and envy. Life isn’t all abandonment from the ones that you have given so much to, life can be bliss. It takes hard work, showing your vulnerabilities and some very brave steps – it can be done.

Hold your head high when others tell you to bow or try to shame you. They are not doing it to you, they are doing it to the thought of you getting ahead and getting away. You were able to navigate beyond their barricade and when they attempted to take a piece of your pride – you declared freedom from their abuse. Their defects have nothing to do with you, show them what a life of hope – regardless of the despair – can do for them. Big hug (stay strong)!

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11 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 5/31/16 Held High

  1. I’m liking this fighting spirited talk. We are all human and all have similar human experiences. No one is better just because they may not have suffered what another has. 🙂 I’m pumped up. Very motivational 🙂

    1. Sometimes you have to go at things swinging, especially when you are under attack. Human suffering comes in different gauges, there is something from learning from the experience of another. It is when someone tries to impose suffering on another that I take issue. Thanks for checking in!

    1. Thank you such for your comment! I am so happy you checked in, I always want to hear what people have to say!

  2. Great post! There will always be those that try to hold you back, but if you keep pushing forward you will succeed. Not everything comes easy and not everyone is willing to keep striving.

    1. I appreciate that, when I was in school my teacher told me I was a terrible writer. I am not sure if she was right but it didn’t stop me from doing the blog, thank you for your comment!

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