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I am sitting in a mall, eating chicken and onion rings, completely unaware of my surroundings, writing this blog and overhearing children frolicking as they pass behind me – possibly the most American thing one can do. Open, free and purposely.  I came to this mall to prove to myself that our way of life will not be coward, we will not bend to the will of a few radicals that cannot tolerate our way of life. There are more of us than them, more people around the world that are free and enlightened, that agree that oppression is not a way of life – it is a mentality. I turned off the television,  stopped reading the newspaper (yes, this online blogger reads the paper – on actual paper) and I disconnected.  During the time that I have been writing there have been three shootings that I can immediately think of, I am sure that there are many more – but they all seem to be motivated by the same frame of mind – the mind of intolerance.  So what can we do?

I put up on my Facebook status the following:


Love is one of those things, it has the power to light up your world. Colors take on a different meaning, with depth that helps explain the fluttering in your chest, even the gray undertones seem richer, vibrant. Noise becomes sound and silence that was once torturing becomes meditative. Hence, love (given and received) helps us push through these moments when all we want to do is burn with hate. We are quick to turn towards the negative,  it is so very easy to do so – being positive requires strength you didn’t know you had. Love demands that you go outside of what you can see and trust in what you believe – it is faith that obstacle in front of you is just a mirage.

Pushing through accumulative,  a smile or warm gesture can make the difference to someone who is in pain and just needed to have someone be kind to them. It is holding a door, paying the toll for the car behind you, donating blood or clothes. We have a opportunity everyday to put a extra spoon of love into the world – with minimal effort. It is exhausting to see so much destruction and hate, I find myself not watching the news because it is overwhelming to see the world on fire – or at least the perception that this is the case (I also get that ratings are a thing). I find myself paying for candy for the little kid that is counting his change and may not have enough,  he smiles and I smile and my world is better. I find myself sitting with old ladies in the park and listening to a nostalgic moment – they smile with their memory and I smile because I have been able to hear their story. Don’t get me wrong, I have been through so much – there really shouldn’t be a smile on my face, people have taken conducted enormous feats to keep this smile off my face. There have been some who have clawed at me with sharpened tools, I have some nixs – it helps build character. The other side to that is that some have made even greater efforts in making sure the smile stays on – I cannot be ungrateful, and so I smile.

We must push through, there are entire generations that need us to do just that. They need us to show them that love and light is real. They need to see that no matter how fierce the attack, evil cannot prevail because good does not burn out. All around us people are hurting, we hurt too – we need to show them that they can have the same light that we have in us. For those of us that hurt and continue to believe in love, we must forge ahead. Those that are watching need to see how it is safe to love, regardless.

Love must win! Big Hug!

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8 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 6/14/16 Nonstop

  1. Thanks for sharing. Orlando is my home town and this was heartbreaking! But love will always win, there are more good souls are there than bad!

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