@ShashaSelflove 6/21/16 Survivor

Illustration: Matt Ward

If you are reading this, you are still alive. Thanks for using your precious time to read my sometimes quirky and sometimes dead serious blog. I am not sure where this entry is going, enjoy the ride.

Our lifetime will be riddled with life defining and altering moments. In one instance we are warm under the protection of our loved ones and the next we are thrusted into an unimagined and often cruel reality. They leave their mark, those events that never go away – nothing settles back to how it used to be. There is only this new reality as we wipe away the blur from our eyes and seek clarity. When you take a battering like this – be it emotional or physical, it installs a mark in your subconscious. Carving that impression into a place that is hidden, even to you. Years of suppression and unknowingly managing the trauma that was imposed on you has lead to some very good or very bad decisions.  Trauma has a way of making us very sensitive and alert to certain situations or walk right into them. Weird how the brain works, depending on what age and who was involved our brain will filter information in a way that both stores and re-translates the data.

I am no neurological specialist or psychologist, I am just observing my path and the path of those around me. People observing is something that has just happened, I wonder what pushes people to make the decisions they make or what makes me distinct from others. I often look at a tattoo and try to figure out what the story is with the design or that mark along the inside of someone’s wrist. One thing I can say, with all of our cuts and bruises, we are survivors. We have pushed beyond the limit of the expectations that have been made about us, we have overcome the bad deck of cards and still won.

That has an enormous value, because you went through so much and you are still interested in moving forward with life. You are still in the fight, you work, you open yourself to new experiences, you meet new people, you love and allow yourself to smile. It is tough, there are moments where the memory of what you endured tries to shame you, don’t allow it – whatever happened, however long ago didn’t hold you down then so don’t let it hold you down now. Keep pushing, no matter what. Wipe the sweat off your brow and don’t give up. And those around you, don’t let them give up either.

Along the way you are going to meet others that have their own scrapes, scars on their skin and in their heart that makes them who they are. It isn’t your job to compensate for their pain, it is your place to support them through their fight. They may not be aware that they are hurting and are going about their journey in a self destructive manner. Being a good friend is part of self love as well, those around us need to know that you share your light with them. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t hurting, what is does mean is that you see what is hurting them and you are willing to help them unfurl the knot in their throat. Your experience serves as a vehicle to bring empathy and wisdom to the situation. Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t understand it at the time. Your struggle isn’t just for you, it is of service to others as well.

Show yourself love and show others as well that above all pain – there is hope, light and courage. Big Hug!

P.S.  .-.Romeo. – -Mike. India Alfa Mike Hotel Echo Romeo Echo Foxtrot Oscar Romeo Yankee Oscar Uniform. And always will be.

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5 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 6/21/16 Survivor

  1. What you describe is simply life, and it so helps you if enjoy the glory of the ride. What was the quote: ‘Life is something that happens while you were making other plans’? All of this, all the diverse pathways, all the vicissitudes of fate, all the ups and downs to me are part of maturity’s road, of rounding my human experience; and unavoidably, yes, there will be scars. But unfailingly, too, love and help for others, and self-denial, sacrificing introspection, bring the greatest learning and the deepest happiness.
    Once, I thought I would be happy if I had money – if I was not poor. Then I got money, and until I finally turned my back on it was the unhappiest time of my life.

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