@ShashaSelflove 7/19/16 Fool


According to the tarot, the card that represents is the card of “The Fool” has two meanings: the Upright stands for innocence, freedom, originality, adventure, foolishness lack of commitment; the Reversed stands for recklessness, negligence, distraction, irrationality and so on. I don’t follow tarot, but this was a card that seemed to fall on my table recently. Where you fooled or did you fool someone? Sometimes we are made out to be the fool, romantic relationships expose all of your vulnerabilities to the person that you think you can trust, love and are going to spend the rest of your life with. Hence, when you give – you give yourself with wild abandon and you forget the possibility of betrayal, you never think about the end. But then the end arrives, it is abrupt and so very rudely enters into your mind as a concept. As jarring as it is, you have to slip into acceptance of the end of the relationship. Unfortunately, you then begin to feel like a fool. What did I do wrong? How did I not see this coming? Why did I love so deeply? Was any of this real?

I can’t respond for the other person, but for you this was real. Everything you gave came from a loving place, your intentions are known to you and you marked everything with a special memory attached to it. If it wasn’t real to the other person, that isn’t on you. What is on you is what you did right or wrong. Admit to your foul up and remember the lesson for the next time around, that simple. You can’t go back in time and erase your offenses, you can seek forgiveness if you are humble enough to do so and it is perfectly okay to forgive yourself as well. And please, forgive yourself, don’t beat yourself up because you will start tearing at other parts of yourself – at the end of the day you are allowed to make mistakes.

Staying positive during this time helps you maintain your integrity, you won’t scream insults and throw a vase. Staying in a clear mind helps your maintain a zen like peace because you realize that everything is built to teach you a lesson for the future events in your life. Your attitude will help you power through your hurt feelings, you will have your moments of crying and sadness – which is totally normal. Process your hurt in the healthiest way possible and then move on. You were nobodies fool, you just loved from your heart, offered a carefully wrapped gift and someone didn’t appreciate it. Heal and keep your heart carefully wrapped until someone who is worth receiving it comes into your life. I need one of the hugs that I usually send, today’s blog is terribly personal and very fresh. Work through your hardships and embrace them as lessons…Big Hug!




14 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 7/19/16 Fool

    1. That is so very kind of you, thank you so much! I always like to hear what people think of the blog! Thanks for checking in!

  1. Well done! I especially like the sentence about your attitude helping you through your hurt. Attitude can play a major part in getting through difficult times.

    1. Hello there, yes our attitude really makes the difference. I think that we all process differently but at the end we have to push forward with the lesson learned.

  2. Here’s an e-hug for you! Thank you for posting this, you reminded me I am not the only one out there who ever feels like this, and that in itself is a huge relief.

    1. Hola Sam! Yes, it is the thread of the connected human experience that sews us together. Sharing helps us relate and empathize, being able to relate comforts us in knowing we aren’t alone. Thanks for the hug, really needed it!

  3. Staying in a clear mind helps your maintain a zen like peace because you realize that everything is built to teach you a lesson for the future events in your life. 
    Superb line. Loved it.

    1. You know, when I was in school my teacher told me that I was a terrible writer. It is so weird to get compliments on what I write, thank you!

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