@ShashaSelflove 7/26/16 The Peacemaker

peacemaker pistol

Cheers to the peacemakers, there are so very few of you and so many seeking the opportunity to tear you to pieces. Your strength and commitment must be recognized. So many usurp your title, feigning to have your abilities just to be a Trojan horse.  Providing peace and calm during such a tumultuous time makes you essential – yet so many fail to recognize your value. Continue your calling, you are needed even when you think you have been forgotten.

We struggle at times to deal with standing still in the eye of the storm or we see those who are the peacemakers straining to maintain their ground. Both need the same thing – support, you being supportive and you allowing yourself to be supported. Being the peacekeeper isn’t some global United Nations process, you could be keeping a calm home or attempting to bring peace to your mind. With so much reaching out to and tearing at you, how do you maintain your inner peace? I very much dislike the term, but sometimes you have to “Shame the Devil”.  You have to call out people on their behavior and inform them that you see what they are attempting to do with the peace that you are have worked so hard to create. They think that they can go around with their fake intentions, their false pretense, their foul play and plant seeds of conflict all around you. You don’t need weeds in your lawn, see them for what they are and inform them that not only are they of no purpose – they don’t belong in your lawn and they will be yanked out. Being positive isn’t allowing anyone to walk all over you, it is the attitude in which you resolve the negatives that come into your life.

There so something about been centered that is so important to your core, your foundation is already solid or is in the process of being affirmed. But when the going gets tough, you are not shaken – you are reinforced by the fact that there is nothing that is going to drag you into in negative frame of mind. Instead, you are able to take a moment and analyze where you can start to resolve the issue. Be the catalyst for yourself and others, those that need to be inspired to do it will be grateful for your example. But the person that benefits the most is you, staying steady and refusing to allow negativity to purge all of the exceptional positive efforts along your journey. Don’t give anyone or anything that satisfaction of taking away your peace.

Our involvement can be minimal or aggressive, study the situation and see where it is most appropriate for you to come in. But in certain situations it isn’t for you to step in or do anything at all, it is alright to allow someone to work through their struggles and learn what they need. As we learn, others need their own and offering support is totally different that giving support. Sometimes the offer means so much more than anything that can be done. The peacemaker becomes stronger with time and experience, they need to be allowed their growth. We are all in a constant state of evolution, growing pains are to be expected. Big Hug!

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